Life On Mars

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I started this blog in a hope to write about my dream life living on mars.

My imaginary Life on Mars is simple and purely hedonistic. I wear pretty pretty dresses and do what ordinary people seems only to do when they are on vacation. I go places that are interesting or beautiful and linger in them. Dancing and parties. Read good books and hang out with cool people. Hike in mountains, swim in the ocean and go sailing. Eat well, drink good wine. Listen to music, play music and make music. Museums and theaters… I do whatever gives me pleasure until I am tired. Then I lie in shades, and read poems to my lover(s).





2 years ago, this was where I started writing and in search of a life more fully and freely lived. Today, as I take look back in my blogging journey, I found that I have walked closer to my inner self and the life of my dream.


To celebrate this special day, I throw on this black cocktail dress with a pink ribbon. When I first saw it, it reminds me of the Oscar De La Renta pink dress that Carrie wore to the date with the Russian in Sex and The City season 6. This combination with a white fur scarf is incredibly glamourous and elegant. I wore this outfit to a celebration with Kelvin, and it can really made strangers turn heads everywhere we go. Not only is it a beautiful piece, it’s also a good conversation starter.


A big thank you to all my readers out there, I hope that for the past two years, my blog has entertained and inspired you, in any way it could. I am happy that I have started this blog 2 years ago and I hope I can keep writing and making beautiful blog for many many years to come.

Thank you so much for reading.

XOXO Eryn ❤

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