Neon Burst [Vibrant Pink Dress x Gold Studs]

Neon Pink 4

Happy Thursday everyone~

A little neon mix to welcome the weekend! Every time Kelvin goes Hong Kong, he will shop some clothes for me. This bright neon pink dress is one of the pieces he got for me from HK recently. If dress has personality, this is probably the happiest dress in my wardrobe. It illuminates neon pink and flows like dream.

Neon Pink 3

Neon Pink 8

Neon Pink 1

Neon Pink 7

I paired it with a silk white top with gold studs, a pair of gold sandals and a cute envelope clutch with gold details. I wanted to create a holiday look with gold and fluorescent pink. Being a fashion blogger is a transformative experience for me. It pushes me out of my security blanket and encourages me to be experimental. Before this, I never had a neon piece in my wardrobe. I find it hard to wear, because when done wrong, could be extremely unpleasant to look at. I actually tried to pair it with numerous tops but none work out nicely. And when I threw on this silky white top, it’s the perfect combo~

Neon Pink 2

Neon Pink 9

Neon Pink 10

The flow-y dress is so cheerful to brighten a day like this.

Neon Pink 6

Thank you so much for reading!

I hope it inspires you to be a little courageous too~

XOXO Eryn ❤

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