Little Black Dress

It’s December!!

The time when everyone is looking for something special to wear to Christmas party and beautiful weddings… And ever since Coco Chanel declared that the height of sophistication was wearing a Little Black Dress, it becomes an essential garment that woman can’t do without in their wardrobe.


Every girl has a different interpretation of her own on LBD. To me, a little black dress is a simple short dress that is meant to be long-lasting and versatile. My kind of little black dress should be a timeless piece, a dress that is suitable for a business meeting or a dinner date. And it is exactly what I see in this this piece I am wearing today 🙂 This one shoulder drape dress gives such a mature and feminine aura while the dark hue pays tribute to the timeless nature of our little black dress.



As you might already knew, I adore all things that blinks and sparkles, and this dress has got a jewel pad on the shoulder part, which is very likely to impress whoever that I meet in the party 🙂 I paired this outfit with a heart shape crystal clutch and a pair of crystal slippers. I instantly feel so princessy and elegant!





I wore this cute dress to a cousin’s wedding celebration. And during the dinner, there was this love story video playing on the screen. I specifically remember the part when the bride was recording herself after the hen’s night party, her face was full of tears and she said something like this, I hope I never regret the choice that I’ve made today, to marry you. I trust in your promise that you will take care of me and cherish me till forever… It is a part that really touches my heart. To me, getting married is the most important milestone in a woman’s life, it is when a free spirited girl decided to commit to the only man in the world for her, in a hope (and faith) that this only man will honour and cherish for the rest of her life.


It is a season of weddings and I pray that God will bless every union and continue to shower the couple with love and grace ❤

Special thanks to MysteryLand for this lovely dress. Please visit their stores located at Level 5-20 JB City Square or Level2-120 KSL City for many more sophisticated dresses!

Thank you so much for reading and we wish you a season filled with LOVE!

XOXO Eryn ❤

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Official Collaboration with MysteryLand!
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