5 Things You Need To Know About Partying

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1. If You Wanna Have Fun, Play The FUN Part

When you go to a party, be enthusiastic about the party! How many times we heard the girl beside us saying something like, This party sucks~ and keep playing with her phone while sitting at the corner. It’s your attitude that really matters. Out of courtesy, respect the hosts and people who party with you. This is the #1 rule, no party can cheer you up if you yourself don’t play the part. So, if you want to have fun partying, be cheerful, excited and get involved!

2. Dress Yourself Well

Appearance is vital. It doesn’t only make yourself feel good, it makes people around you feels good too! If the party has a theme, dress according to it. Make some effort and look for the best possible party outfit. Don’t know what to wear? Google it! Look at what people wear to the similar events. It’s so convenient! Statistics have shown that girls who are well dressed and well groomed get better treatment comparing to their counterparts. So, dress yourself well, and who knows you might even be able to skip the line!


3. Bring A Small Clutch or Purse

Believe it or not, the smaller your purse, the more “sophisticated” you look. Carrying a big handbag to party only make it a good excuse for all your friends to throw their wallets and phones into it and make you look like a servant girl (seriously)… So, bring a purse that is easy to carry around and can accommodate all your important stuffs, such as ID, some cash (I normally bring some extra loose one for tipping or cloakroom), lip balm, a pen, tissue papers and phone.


4. Party Is All About Interactions With PEOPLE (not your phone!)

Greet anyone you meet at the party as if you have not been seeing them in a long time. Put on a smile and try to make a conversation. Ask open end questions and listen to what people has to say. If not, “food” and “weather” is always a good conversation starter.

You know there’s a new Japanese restaurant in town that serves great sushi?

It has been raining the whole day, making it very cooling at night…   

So, stop being obsessed with your phone and busy update your status on facebook. Talk to people and get acquainted. Who knows you might get connections to the big project or meeting your Mr. Right 🙂



5. Don’t Puke On Someone Else

Know your limits and do not consume more than what you can handle. Your body has an amazing system to “detox” the alcohol you have consumed. Therefore, if your limit is one bottle of beer, take it slowly over a period of, say, 1 hour. In that case, your mood get elevated without being drunk. Trust me, no matter how good looking you are, the last thing we want to meet at the party is an intoxicated girl! So, eat something, plan your drink and you really don’t want to look like an idiot puking around on anyone~


Butterfly Party Dress :: MysteryLand

Remember, life is constituted by moments. Nobody will remember how long a party lasted, all we remember is the amazing times that we had and how hard we laughed! And that, is the real essence of the art of partying – To have fun and make those happy moment memorable.

And those are the fragments of life that make us real.


Wishing all of you a great time partying!

Thank you so much for reading.

XOXO Eryn ❤

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One thought on “5 Things You Need To Know About Partying

  1. I love your advice, especially the not puking. Sometimes that is taken for granted and not thought on by others. Too true. Did not know that about the purse though, good point. Love the dress. 🙂


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