OMG! My First Video Look Book!


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I have challenged myself to create my first video look book. I am never really good in front of camera, in fact, I think I look a bit uneasy whenever I am filming a video. So, compiling this fashion video look book is really a big thing for me 🙂

The initial idea of having this look book to break the boundary of still pictures. I wanted to present style in a more dynamic and interesting way. So, in my first look book, I have put together 3 different easy styles for a lovely Sunday mood…

Making video is more difficult than I thought. Kelvin and I were trying out different angles to capture the real essence of my ideal video look book. The best part was Kelvin has to carry baby Isabelle while moving the camera. What a sight! And the result turned out pretty well, cos’ I was smiling at Isabelle and she smiled back, and I totally forgot about the camera 🙂

Although it’s definitely not the best, but I still hope that you will like it!

Interesting enough, I have created 2 versions and cannot decide which one is better!

So, here’s the 2 links:

—>Beautiful Sunday<—

—>Eryn’s Video LookBook<—

Please tell me which one do you like!!

Love you all!

Thank you so much for watching.

XOXO Eryn ❤

Little Black Dress
First Dance in Cheongsam
Shall We Dance?
The Magic of Paris~

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