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As the first month of 2014 nearly comes to an end, how’s the progress of your 2014 new year resolution?? I want to share with you one of the happy things that happened to me recently. I am so fortunate to finally join a local blogger circle and meet so many talented friends that share the same passion 🙂

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And here was where we met for our first gathering: Toast Box.

You are probably very familiar with this brand with branches all over Singapore. But this shop, let me tell you, is one of a kind. It is the biggest Toast Box in South East Asia region and the first to offer table service to the clients!! Perfect for a quick brunch and beautiful afternoon tea.


I carefully planned my outfit for this special occasion. The moment when I entered the shop, I was charmed by the signature rustic vintage deco with lots of white elements, glass windows and smell of pleasant coffee aroma. My heart palpitated and I started to imagine the taste of a crusty toast with a soft chattering sound as background.

TB15It’s all so dreamy.


Upon seated, I was being served a signature Traditional Nanyang Kopi@RM2.30. Truly a satisfying treat for a coffee lover like me. We were chatting away while Kim pointed out to me that they have a nursing room.


They have a nursing room!! As a new mother, I was so delighted to find out that they so thoughtfully prepare a spacious nursing room! So on our next visit, I can bring Isabelle along~

It was particularly fun when you put 5 bloggers at one table and the conversation can just go on and on… with all sort of questions, experience sharing, pictures taking and eat&taste at the same time!! It was quite bizarre for me at first, cos’ their pace were too fast! But they were so generous in sharing and showing me how to take perfect food pictures 🙂


Otah Baguettes @RM3.50 Crusty baguettes with Otah topping makes it the best company for a cup of coffee.


Curry Puff @RM2.40 Unlike conventional curry puff, this little pastry is stuffed with goodness. Traditional yet delicious, I called it the deluxe version of curry puff.


Curry Chicken with Rice or Baguettes @RM7.50 Perfectly cooked chicken drumstick with potatoes and tofu immersed in the mildly hot curry soup. For those who are op for lower glycemic index, you can switch your rice to baguettes.


Mee Goreng @RM7.20 I have never seen such big prawn on any mee goreng… Another deluxe version of street food with great combination of egg, tomotoes and spices!


Laksa Mee Tai Mak @RM7.00 So much goodies in a bowl. It was served with a “chewy” vermicelli noodles that gives an interesting texture to the combination.


Mee Siam @RM6.50 This is a Nyonya style mee siam with soup. By adding in a little bit of lime juice, it optimizes the taste and smell of the slightly sourish soup.


Sweet Attack: Swiss Roll & Banana Cake & Pandan Chiffon Cake (Price @RM2.40 to Rm2.80 each)


Overall, it was a very pleasant dining experience for me. Partly because of the ambiance and majority due to the friendly staffs and delicious food! If you haven’t noticed it already, price of this particular outlet is 20% lower than other Toast Box!!

So if you are planning for a perfect brunch or afternoon tea, here’s the place for you 🙂

Toast Box Johor Jaya Outlet

2 & 4, Jalan Dedap 13,

Taman Johor Jaya.

TB12 copy

I spent a wonderful afternoon with my new beautiful friends. Click below for their entries 🙂

Ler Travel Diary

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Thank you so much for reading and wishing you a great time preparing for Chinese New Year!

XOXO Eryn ❤

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