Honeyz Cube Beauty Tea Party

Hello Beautiful!


We were so honoured to be invited to the Honeyz Cube Tea Party presented by @honeyzcube, @beautydirectsg and @aibistyle at Plaza@Cosme last Saturday. It is a small shop full of skin care products, cosmetics and popular household products all imported from Japan~ We were so surprised to find so many interesting products under one roof.


Upon reaching, I was busy checking out the products on the shelf. From special cream and serum to treat strawberry nose to BB cream contains placenta extract, everything is so novel and interesting to me!


We were being served a nice selection of pastry and kuih. I poured myself a cup of tea and started mingle with our beautiful counterparts from Singapore 🙂 And here’s the pretty hostess Juliana from www.ilovebunny.net giving her welcome speech.


The highlights of the event was to introduce nail art pens and nail foils by Aibi Style. If you have tried nail stickers before, this is very similar to it, lots of variety and long lasting but without the sticky and easily peel off problems. Each one of us receive a full set of the nail foil/nail art pens *YAY* and I will blog about it when I try it out 🙂 So make sure you watch this space closely… Wee~!


And another highlight is this – Star Lash False Lashes~!!!


Star Lash is Beauty Direct’s own house brand and also the very first Singaporean lash brand. I am very impressed with the selection and quality of the lashes. The beauty experts from Beauty Direct work directly with lashes manufacturer abroad to create these high quality lashes made with best synthetic fibre.


It looks like a pair of wings isn’t it?


This event provides us with a free lash fitting session by the professional!!

So, here’s me with my “unmascara” eyes.


The beauty expert chose a pair of lashes suitable for daily use for me.


And Ta Dah~

The girl with the BIG small eyes…


From the picture you can see how eyelashes do wonders on making eyes look bigger and more alluring. And let me tell you, the lashes itself is so soft…


OMG~ My eyes look so big now. *Wink*

It was a wonderful party and we had enjoyed ourselves so much. I look forward to share more about their products with you in my next post. Special thanks to Honeyz Cube, Beauty Direct and Aibi Style for the wonderful tea party!

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Thank you so much for reading and wishing all of you a beautifully purrfect Monday!

XOXO Eryn ❤

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