The 8 Scariest Words

Happy Monday Everyone!


How’s your weekend? I have had a splendid one! I wrote some interesting new baby recipes to introduce more food variety and texture into her diet, made a really important purchase, shoot a series of sexy sexy photos, did some grocery shopping and we are working on a very exciting project!! *excited*


Okay, back to the topic…

Today I would like to share with you the 8 scariest words to me O.o

The story goes like this…

That day when Kelvin was driving me to work, he touched my leg and made a remark:

Look, it’s cellulite on your thigh.

In a reflex mode, I pushed his hand away and checked my thigh while denying at the same time,

WHERE? WHERE! OMG! It’s impossible…

Then I told him, he should never ever use that word anymore.


I quickly covered my legs and told him about the words he should avoid using in his conversation with me, and that includes:

1. Fat
2. Old
3. Saggy
4. Cellulite
5. Dark
6. Big
7. Double chin
8. Wrinkle


Then I started to list out the words he should be using to replace those words mentioned above.

Toned, firm, slim, fit, smooth, fair, beautiful…

Woman at my age, although more confident, become more sensitive over the choice of word. I completely lost control when I heard the C word!! So, next time when you talk to a girl, please remember to say the correct words *wink*


So, what about you?

What are the scariest words to you?

Share with me >.<

Thank you so much for reading and have a great week ahead!

XOXO Eryn❤

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