Singapore Blog Awards 2014

Giddy up, it’s time for The New, The Social, and The Best of Singapore’s finest bloggers!


The annual Singapore Blog Awards returns for its seventh glorious year, celebrating the best of the Singapore blogging scene with new award categories and stronger social elements.

Organised by (, Singapore Press Holdings’ leading bilingual news and entertainment portal, the Singapore Blog Awards honour independent content producers who create and curate content that make for fun, informative, and insightful reads.


Kelvin and I were so honored to be part of the award ceremony held at *SCAPE Ground Theatre Auditorium, Singapore! As the dress code for the event is Derby fashion, I chose to throw on my favourite red dress with a little red hat 🙂


This year, there are a total of nine Editors’/Judges’ Choice categories, including old favourites such as the Best Family Blog, Best Fashion Blog, and Best Food Blog.

The event started with speeches given by guest of honour, Ms. Sim Ann, Minister of State, Ministry of Communications and information, and Ministry of Education.


The program included an intriguing cabaret dance 😀


I am so happy to meet a long time blog friend which I have never met in real life!

Ena Teo from


And fellow blogger friends, Tony from JohorKaki and Mr. & Mrs. Chua from ieat&eat~


And met some new friend (who just just happened to be the winner of the Best Beauty Blog!!)

Jessie Ting 

She later told me that her gorgeous hat only cost her SGD12! (Oh No… That’s so unfair, I think mine cost me almost $100… T.T)


Oh, and you wouldn’t want to miss the HIGHLIGHT of the event:


They are just so full of energy and their costumes are super cute!!

There’s also a photobooth for us to take pretty pictures with all kinds of props and conversation bubbles~


My mister is indeed untamable~


Oh ya~ Met an interesting unicorn at the event too!

Smith from Smithankyou! He said he chose this outfit because if he didn’t win any award, he can at least try the Best Dress. Btw, he did WON the Best Lifestyle Blog!


Here’s the list of the {winners of SBA2014}

By the time everyone got their awards, the lunch was served!


And while we have our lunch, it’s the Best Dress Award!

I thought the Ninjagirls are gonna get it, but…

The little cute cowboy on the right won the “best dress” due to the incredibly cuteness!

(I think I should bring Isabelle next round and put her on stage to win the best dress… Hahaha~)


After the award ceremony, the winners and Ms. Sim Ann were trying to make a group selfie with a monopod. I am so happy to find a monopod in the goodies bag! YooHoo~ I always wanted a monopod so that I can take group selfie…


The ceremony ended in a splendid way, leaving everyone who attended in awe and amazement, especially Kelvin and I. We have learned so much from bloggers from all walks of life, and realize how passion can drive dreams and change lives. I am so inspired and motivated to be a better social media influencer, to create powerful contents that can inspire others too!


Thank you so much for reading. It makes me feel really happy that I have decided to start this blog 2 years ago. It truly changes my life and pushes me out of my comfort zone and experiment with new things and meet new interesting people.

And who knows…

one day I might get there.

XOXO Eryn❤

Golden Heels :: Te Chi-Chi

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