Not Your Ordinary Hair Saloon [Govin Hair JB]

Hello Everyone!

G2I know I have been missing for quite some time (I am sorry…). Hope that you didn’t forget about me and I do upload more often on my Facebook page HERE, if you are missing out… hehe… Well, today I am going to reveal to you a great place to pamper your hair (and yourself) in JB!!!


G9Ever since the birth of Isabelle, I struggle everyday to find time to care for my hair. And at the 4th month after confinement, my hair started to fall till a worrying state. It was so bad until it’ll clog the bathroom every time after I showered. It is a common problem that every new mother will face. Therefore, nutritious diet and proper care of hair and hair scalp becomes an important ritual for me.

I am so happy to be invited by Govin hair located at KSL CITY (Ground floor, G-08, G-09) to experience their Mucota Scena Reaction Shine Hair Treatment.

Govin Hair is originated from Taiwan, and they are providing the real “Taiwanese style” of hair service to their customers.

And what is so special about it?

Let me show you one by one 🙂

1. Beautiful and Relaxing Interior

G7The interior of the saloon is in an earthy tone. The dim lighting and bosa nova background music makes the whole environment so relaxing and comfortable. It is spacious and exclusive with all the leather chairs. The washing station are full of specially designed chair which makes you fully lie flat on your back while washing your hair. (My stylist told me customers often fall asleep unknowingly…Zzz…)


2. What? A Mini Bar?!

They provide FREE refreshment and snacks to every customers!! And I must say the selection and variety of biscuits and beverages they provide are pretty impressive!


The tricky question is: What do I want to for drinks?


Did you see the gold foil in the wine? (Yupe, that’s complimentary…)

G153. Personalized Service

Great service definitely makes customer happy!

Here are a few things that makes Govin Hair really stands out from the rest.

  • In order not to “dirty” your precious clothes, they prepare a small robe for you to wear before covering you with the standard piece of polyester cloth.
  • They prepare a small transparent cover to “shield” your delicate eye makeup without blocking you from reading your magazine 🙂


  • A small wooden box is being prepared to put your jewelleries inside
  • An empty drawer where you can place your belongings such as handbags and lock it up while you keep the key on your wrist. (I personally really dislike having to hold my handbag even while washing hair…)
  • G4 Again, a piece of paper to “shield” your face while washing hair. At first I thought it is only to prevent your face from getting wet, but later I found out that it also prevents others to see your not-so-glamorous sleeping face… hehe…


  • Hand massage (by handsome stylist)


  • Aromatherapy after washing your hair.

4. Wonderful Treatment

(Mucota Scena Reaction Shine Hair Treatment)

G8It repairs damaged hairs and making it healthy by protecting the cuticles, making hair smooth, silky and lustrous.


The 3 steps hair repair system uses a special nano machine to spray on and focuses on giving hair “freshness” and shining luster.   G13After 2 hours of revival~

Here is the Before and After picture 🙂

GBAI have been using the Mucota shampoo and conditioner for almost 2 months now. My hair has become “light” and easy to manage; healthier and not leaving ugly “mark” when I un-tied it.

photo (24)VIP rooms are available at Govin Hair if you prefer more privacy.

G12And they carry award-winning products that is definitely going to meet your hair care needs!

G6They can get pretty busy especially on weekends. So make sure you call 07-289 0058 for your appointment to avoid long waiting time 🙂

G1Remember to connect with them on Facebook HERE for more news and updates!

Have a lovely week ahead!!

Thank you so much for reading.

XOXO Eryn❤

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