[Pregnancy Portrait Part II] Bye Bye My Secret Dressing Room

Millionmars Dressing Room 2When I first started to draft the design of my dressing room, I wanted a combination of something warm, something sparkles, something stimulating and something classy… And if a girl’s dressing area reflects the inner personality of her, this would be how I look at myself.

Millionmars Dressing Room 7I believe it is every girl’s dream to have a relatively big vanity area. A secret base where she can spend time dressing up and getting ready to face the challenges of the world. And not all girls dress up to impress others, sometimes girls dress up for themselves, for confidence and to feel beautiful. To me it has become a part of life that comes so naturally to me, simply to look and feel beautiful. And I am a big believer of “you can never be overdressed“. That explains why I always spend a good amount of time planning and dressing up.

Millionmars Dressing Room 9

Millionmars Dressing Room 6So this space, my dream dressing room, has also become a resting area, a special room for me to dream, to introspect and let my imagination runs wild.

Millionmars Dressing Room 4However, recently I have decided to re-imagine a dressing area, a smaller one in fact, to fit to a lifestyle of a mother-of-two. Somehow I realize the fact that I won’t be able to spend as much time dressing up as I used to. I have to adapt to a new kind of life with less time for skin care and makeup. I need to reinvent a more efficient way of “maintaining” myself, minimize my wardrobe and simplify my skincare routine. And that is why, this would be the last time (yes, the last time…) you see me in front of this beautiful Broadway-inspired vanity mirror.

Millionmars Dressing Room 3

Millionmars Dressing Room

Millionmars Dressing Room 1I wish I could share with you how grateful I am to be able to spend the past 3 years in this beautiful dressing room, dreaming of and dressing up for a wonderful life. And no matter how hard it is to let go, I am now ready to move on to a new life. My new dressing room would be something totally different and I can’t wait to show you the new simpler design of my new vanity area.

Millionmars Dressing Room 5I hope all the stories and dreams of mine that was made in this room has charmed you or inspired you in a way or another. Thank you so much for reading and be on this journey with me. I feel truly blessed…

Millionmars Dressing Room 8Till my new full length mirror is ready…

Have a good day everyone!


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7 thoughts on “[Pregnancy Portrait Part II] Bye Bye My Secret Dressing Room

    1. Thanks Dear! It is really hard to let go cos’ I spent a fine amount of time designing and handpicked every elements of the dressing room… But it made good memory though…


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