Laurier Fashion Week [Laurier Super Slimguard]

I remember when I just got pregnant, I was feeling really sick and when I complained to a very good friend of mine about my morning sickness and all the discomforts pregnancy has brought me, she said something like this:

Think about this way, you won’t have period for the next NINE months!

Isn’t it comforting? (Hehe…)

Well, that is how I think until…

Millionmars Laurier 3When I stepped into the last trimester. Due to the increased estrogen production and greater blood flow to the vaginal area, the vaginal secretion just increases to a level that normal sanitary pad just got “soaked up” in a short period of time.

Therefore, when I see this Laurier Super Slimguard, which is only 1mm thin, I know it is the solution!

Millionmars LaurierBecause it is so normal to feel hot and sweaty all the time during pregnancy, the last thing I want is to feel “dampish”. This small 1mm thin pad with quick dry mesh surface has 2x faster absorption, leaving you 5x drier.

Millionmars Kao LaurierAnd because it is so thin, there won’t be any discomfort and I can have the freedom to wear whatever I want and have the peace of mind to move anyway I want to~ Most importantly, it makes the sensitive area dry and dryness helps in preventing any potential infections.

photo (31)

Here’s to illustrate how thin it is…

And it really keeps you dry and comfortable!

Millionmars Laurier 2Laurier Super Slimguard comes in 30cm long for heavy flow and night use too! This, I would let you know how it goes after the delivery… Hehe…

In conjunction with International Women’s Month, Kao Malaysia is organizing a Laurier Fashion Week Contest!

LSSG Contest 1

Submit pretty picture of yourself and stand a chance to win total prizes worth of RM8,200 Laurier products & TopShop vouchers!


The context period is from 14 March – 2 May 2015 with 4 themes!

i. Theme 1, Sexy & Confident: 14 March – 26 March

ii. Theme 2, Confident & Comfortable: 27 March – 8 April

iii. Theme 3, Confident & Cute: 9 April – 21 April

iv. Theme 4, Purple is the new black: 22 April – 2 May

So, here’s my entry:

Millionmars KoaLaurier

Sexy is Confidence: Flirt every precious moment with freedom and comfort from inside out with Laurier Super Slimguard. #‎LaurierSparkles

Being a woman is always worth celebrating. For women are the most beautiful phenomena in the world, not to be compared with anything else.

Women, is the masterpiece of God.

Thank you so much for reading and I hope you like my sharing. For more information on the Laurier Fashion Week Contest or about the Laurier Super Slimguard, please connect with them via their facebook page >HERE<

Many times, we feel like we can’t do a lot of things due to the restriction of heavy flow from menstrual period… Now with the Laurier Super Slimguard’s 1mm Ultra Absorbent Sheet, women can just enjoy living an active life more freely and comfortably!

Check out the Laurier Super Slimguard latest video HERE!!

Wishing you a great week ahead!


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