Fig Tree Hill [Flowing Floral Prints X Skinny Jeans]

28 Jan

Happy Thursday!Millionmars Fig Tree Hill 1

During our trip to fig tree hill, I paired my favourite floral blouse with skinny jeans to create a cute casual look. Nowadays I will try to find matching colours/prints for Isabelle whenever we go out together (like THIS). It is quite fun to play dress up together with daughter, it is such a blessing! I am also happy that my recent endeavour to switch my daily style to a more “casual” one has received quite a number of compliments *Yay* So, I conclude that it is possible to not look like an auntie look good while taking care for the children at the same time. Hehe…  

Millionmars Fig Tree Hill 2

Millionmars Fig Tree Hill 3

Millionmars Fig Tree Hill 4

Millionmars Fig Tree Hill 5It was drizzling while we took a slow stroll in the woods. And Isabelle has discovered her new love towards umbrella. Nowadays, she often likes to do things on her own, like feeding herself and put on her own clothes. And here, she wanted to hold the umbrella and walk on her own.

Millionmars Fig Tree Hill 7

Millionmars Fig Tree Hill 6

Millionmars Fig Tree Hill 11

Millionmars Fig Tree Hill 9

Millionmars Fig Tree Hill 8a

It is indeed a pleasant stay at the fig tree hill and we spent a good amount of time unwind and get closer to each other. Chinese New Year holiday is around the corner. And we have another adventure right in front of us (this time we are bringing Annabelle along!).

I am very excited and really need a lot of tips and advises on bringing baby and toddler on holiday. Please share with me, what you normally do when you bring your kids on holiday? And what are the things to take note of?

Millionmars Fig Tree Hill 10

Thank you very much for reading and wishing you a happy weekend!

God bless you.




4 Responses to “Fig Tree Hill [Flowing Floral Prints X Skinny Jeans]”

  1. Princess Neverland January 31, 2016 at 2:21 pm #

    I like your skinny jeans! By the way, Isabelle is getting prettier and cuter! I laughed out to see her holding Spiderman’s umbrella, too man haha! I can see more and more Isabelle in your recent photos and I would really love to see more of them. 😀


    • Eryn Wong February 5, 2016 at 1:06 am #

      Thank you so much for your comment! We would certainly love to produce more lovely cute pictures 🙂 Haha…


  2. BB Lim February 12, 2017 at 7:56 pm #

    Isabelle is one cute little girl.



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