Let The Wind Blow [Skinny Jeans X Cotton Shirt]

Happy Monday!Millionmars Opera House Casual 1

I am showing you more pictures from the sunshine city Sydney. Everything just looks so positive when the sun shines brightly. In a weather like this, I somehow becoming happier…

Millionmars Opera House Casual 2

Millionmars Opera House Casual 4

I was wearing my favourite skinny jeans, folded up with a comfortable cotton shirt (folded up too). It has become one of the comfort combinations when I am bringing the kids out. Yeap, I am spending more and more time with my children nowadays. Because the more I study about parenting, the more I come to realise that spending sufficient time with children and reinforce all the values while with them is the only way to raise good kids.

Millionmars Opera House Casual 5

Millionmars Opera House Casual 6

(The kind man behind every beautiful pictures of mine.)
(The kind man behind every beautiful pictures of mine.)

Millionmars Opera House Casual 8 On a windy day, I love to let down my hair and let the wind blow. Not just because the breeze is cooling, but because it makes me feel like a graceful strong woman, standing strong even in the midst of fierce wind.

It makes me feel so alive and full of courage.

Millionmars Opera House Casual 7
Sometimes in life, we are in face with all kind of challenges and circumstances. And having a steady and firm heart will certainly help you to feel peace in the middle of the storm. No matter where you are, and no matter how hard the battle you are fighting, I wish you all the best in what you pursue. Stay positive. And if you have any prayer request, you can email me at erynwlf@gmail.com

I will pray for you.

Thank you so much for reading.

God bless you.


P.S.: I am working very hard nowadays to keep this blog alive, in a hope that I can continue to be inspired and to inspire people around. If you think I am doing a good job here, I really hope that you can share my blog with your friends and family by clicking any of the sharing buttons below. I will be really really grateful. Thank you very much.


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