9 Great Ways To DIY Beautiful Maternity Photos

9 great ways to diy beautiful maternity photos

Nowadays many women choose to get their maternity photos taken professionally before the baby arrived. These pictures will be a great way to remember this special time in life. However, getting it done in a professional studio may cost a lot and probably end up looking the same as everybody else. So when I was pregnant with Annabelle, with help from friends, I organized my maternity photo shoot just the way I wanted it to be.

Today I am sharing with you a few tips to DIY your own maternity photos.

Do It When The Bump Is Not Too Big

I have my maternity photos taken when I was 27 weeks pregnant. The baby bump was quite obvious and I wasn’t all “swollen” up yet. Some pregnant women may like to take it at 30week – 36week, but for me I think in the last few weeks of pregnancy, it would be a little bit challenging (or dangerous) to do certain poses. So do you while you still have the strength and still able to do you own hair and make up 😉
Millionmars Pregnancy 4

Millionmars Pregnancy 6

Prepare Some Props

Props can add a lot of characters and elements into your maternity photos. In my photo shoot, I prepared a bunch of colourful balloons, some plush toys, books and a dog<– Hehe… To add more meanings to a maternity photos, you can always prepare ribbons (to be tied around your belly like a present), baby’s shoes, ultrasound film from the check up… etc.

Millionmars Pregnancy 7

Millionmars Pregnancy 8

Style Your Backdrop

Think like a professional photographer. Plan ahead with shooting locations and match it with your outfits or theme. Avoid background that creates a lot of noise or too messy. Arrange the background properly and test a few times to capture the right composition.

Millionmars Dressing Room 5

Millionmars Dressing Room 4

Plan Your Outfits

Basically, just anything that makes you comfortable and able show off the baby bump. I like flow-y materials like silk and chiffon. Some tight and stretchy maternity wear would be suitable too. If you are shooting indoor, you can try go naked and wrap your body with a sheer gauze fabric. It often turns out great!

Millionmars Dressing Room 8

Millionmars Dressing Room 6

Crack A Joke

Do something or say something that could create amusement and laughter! You want to be genuinely happy and excited about the arrival. Think of how fun it would be to have your child around and make sure the photographer captures the moment of true happiness.


Millionmars Hello Kitty 6

[Pregnancy Portrait Part III] Happiness Starts From Within

Try Different Poses

My personal favourite pose would be holding the baby bump and look at it as if you are talking to the baby inside your tummy. To me, the holding posture also signifies protection and care towards your little one 🙂 You can also try

  • close up on the belly
  • daddy listening to the belly
  • older sibling kissing the belly
  • side silhouette near a window

pregnant woman piano

Millionmars Piano 2

Choose Your Photographer

You definitely want someone you can trust and feel comfortable with. Husband would be the perfect candidate. If your husband is not a good fit, you can always consider asking a girl friend or someone who is experience in taking maternity photos, such as Lively Art and Honeyz.

[Pregnancy Portrait Part IV] Love Is Patient

Millionmars Piano 8

Be Yourself

I know this sounds cliche, but (believe me) this is the hardest part of photoshooting. The reason behind this maternity photoshoot, is YOU. Think about what matters to you and don’t just try to be like everyone else. When I first drafting this maternity photo project, I met up with my photographer and told him I want to do it like a fashion editorial. I started to imagine how would a fashionista have her pregnancy documented, and therefore almost all of my maternity pictures have high heels (believe me, they were just props), false lashes, make up tools, jewelleries and red lipsticks. I would say it is not the conventional type of maternity photos, but ya… That’s Me.

Millionmars KoaLaurier

Millionmars RH5

Enjoy The Experience

Years later, you want to look back at these pictures and say, That was such a happy time and I am so glad that I did it. And because memories should last forever, you really should cherish the magical moment while you are pregnant with your loved little one and have all the fun taking your beautiful maternity photos.

Millionmars RH11

girl fur coat leapard prints

If you are thinking about getting your maternity photos taken, I hope you find this article a good read. If you have had your maternity photos taken, you can share with us your experience in the comment box below 🙂

9 great ways to diy beautiful maternity photos

Question of the day:

Would you like to DIY your own maternity photos or have it professionally taken at the studio?

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