3 Classic Office Outfit Ideas

Classic Office Outfits

Work is part of our lives that is so important that we certainly want to dress up for. Today I am sharing with you the 3 classic office outfits that I think every career woman should invest in.

Peplum Skirt

Peplum copy

The Peplum skirt which have a ruffle around the waist, have come back into style, and would be perfect for work or party depending on the fabric and prints. It is a good choice for those with bellies and extra large hips, cos’ it makes them appear small😀

Many has argued that peplum dress is not for anybody but seriously I’ve never seen peplum look unflattering on anyone. And I personally think this classic design creates sophisticated and professional look.

Peplum Dress Millionmars 1

Peplum Dress Millionmars 2

Peplum Dress Millionmars 3

Peplum Dress Millionmars 4

Peplum Dress Millionmars 5

Peplum Dress Millionmars 6

Peplum Dress Millionmars 7a

Peplum Dress Millionmars 8

Peplum Dress Millionmars

Pencil Skirt

Pencil Skirt copy

A pencil skirt is a tricky one, cos’ the slim-fitting design makes ones body look tall and slim but at the same time restricting the leg’s movement. Like if you drop a pen on the floor, you need to put your legs together and tilted a bit before you can bend your knees and gently squad down a little (just a little) to pick up the pen. And maybe this is the whole point of a pencil skirt: To make every move smaller, more gentle and therefore MORE GRACEFUL!

Pencil Skirt Millionmars 4

Pencil Skirt Millionmars 7

Pencil Skirt Millionmars 3

Pencil Skirt Millionmars 6

Pencil Skirt Millionmars 2

Tailored Suit Dress

Tailored Work Suit copy

They say tailoring is the secret of well dressed woman.

Tailoring can make clothes way more flattering and professional. And I always admire women in well fitted dress. They simply look good and polished.

That is why it makes sense to invest in tailoring a dress, especially for work and formal functions.

My favourite tailored workwear, a silver ruffled suit dress.

silver tailored suit millionmars 4

silver tailored suit millionmars 5

silver tailored suit millionmars 7

silver tailored suit millionmars 9

silver tailored suit millionmars 3

silver tailored suit millionmars 12

silver tailored suit millionmars 11

Everyone works. It’s a way of contributing to the society and proved self-worthiness. I hope you like these outfits ideas and no matter what you do, make sure you are doing something constructive and productive (yes, unpaid job like being a house wife is a productive job too!), so that this world could be a little bit better each day.

God bless all of you.


Classic Office Outfits

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