Bloglovin, H&M Announced The 5 Finalists for 2016 Breakthrough Fashion Blogger of the Year Award!

27 Jul

Wow, what a long blog title!

This June, I have decided to up my game a little bit and came up with a series of photoshoots to participate in H&M’s Breakthrough Fashion Blogger of the Year competition.

I put on my thinking cap and tried to style my outfits a little bit differently from my usual ways. I took out all my H&M fashion apparels and worked out the most interesting combinations. I spent time discussing with the make up artist and photographer about the concept and persona I want to express through my pictures.

And here is one of my entries (another one is The Futuristic Siren) for the competition.

Sahara Princess

Very mysterious. In a faraway land where there is little or no rain, grows a magically beautiful flower. Sands and scorching sun could not hide her whimsical sense. She is fearless about future and her optimistic outlook of life is ready to make a difference in the world.

Millionmars Sahara Princess 4

Millionmars Sahara Princess 2

Millionmars Sahara Princess 1

Millionmars Sahara Princess 5

I mixed and matched a Ushanka-hat with a oversized-printed-blazer (from H&M) and a layered-tutu-tea-dress with boots and lots of accessories.

This combination turned out to be really whimsical and fun!

(I even pinned a peacock brooch with fancy stones in my hat if you notice.)

Well, then I was so anticipated for the results after I submitted my entry. I mean, entering competition really makes you nervous in a way or another right? Especially when it is such a prestigious competition open for all fashion blogger over the world. OMG~

And the wait is finally over, H&M and Bloglovin announced the 5 nominees for 2016 Breakthrough Fashion Blogger of the Year Award. You can read about it HERE. And guess what,

I was not in the list.

I didn’t get picked for the award.

Ya I know it kinda sucks when you didn’t get the things you want so badly. But it’s okay for I know I have put in my best and worked hard to make it happen.

In the list or not, I have made my own literary breakthrough today.

Millionmars Sahara Princess 3

I hope you enjoy the pictures because we have so much fun experimenting with this style. Thank you for always believing in me and giving me encouragements.

God bless you.


I am working very hard nowadays to keep this blog alive, in a hope that I can continue to be inspired and to inspire people around. If you think I am doing a good job here, I really hope that you can share my blog with your friends and family by clicking any of the sharing buttons below. I will be really really grateful. Thank you very much.

6 Responses to “Bloglovin, H&M Announced The 5 Finalists for 2016 Breakthrough Fashion Blogger of the Year Award!”

  1. modernlaundrie July 28, 2016 at 5:41 pm #

    Your blog still rocks anyway!


  2. Christine Kong August 2, 2016 at 4:10 am #

    Wow I am so impressed with your creativity, photos, and look for this entry! I too entered the contest keeping my fingers crossed, but was not selected. They did pick amazing bloggers though and am even happy to have had the opportunity to enter. Continue your amazing work and style babe! xoxo, Christine

    Liked by 1 person


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