Raffles University Iskandar Fashion Showcase 2016

Boxession 7

Last week, I have been invited by Raffles University Iskandar (RUI) to be their guest for RUI Fashion Showcase 2016, featuring works from their final year fashion design students.

Millionmars RUI Fashion Showcase 1

I was so excited that finally I got the opportunity to look at fashion designed here in Johor Bahru! And at the same time I did not know what to expect as this would be the first time I attend a fashion exhibition in Johor Bahru. When I finally arrived at RUI, I was truly fascinated by all the works presented by the aspiring fashion designers!



design 2 C

Millionmars RUI Fashion Showcase 2

Millionmars RUI Fashion Showcase 3

Millionmars RUI Fashion Showcase 4

Inspired by illustrations of local (JB) landmarks and London revolution. A collection of bold and powerful designs.

I am in awe.

All the details are well taken care of, from the selection of fabric to the efforts being put into sewing the waves together. I am very impressed by how the fashion designer can associates local elements with London revolution and created a collection as beautiful as this.

design 1 c

design 3 C

design 1

design 4

My inspiration for this Mini collection is London Revolution.

The revolution was a transition to new, advance generation between 1820 and 1840. The changes included the efficiency of water power, steam power, factory system, transportation, agricultural and etc. These changes had improve the living standard of London and boost the economic growth as it had create job opportunity, manufacture and efficient ways of manufacture.

In Short, revolution of London had impact out surrounding, technology and lifestyle. The ancient building which left behind was sketch by Han Zhen as for preservation and also a remark of the hard work from the ancestors.

The revolution had symbolized by layers of “waves”. The technique of layering is observed from Han Zhen sketches. The effort of building up layers from Han Zhen can also be applied to the ancestors as their efforts for planning and working up the revolution. (Designer Qilin Chai)



Boxession 1

Inspired by the KTM train cabin in one of the designer’s trip to Kuala Lumpur.

“A collection inspired by journey from people daily routines and KTM commuter public transport. The boxy train circulates from a pick-up point to its terminal point and eventually back to its original point again. There are routines and principles that box us. World we are living is actually a virtual box-within-box. Life is a cycle, always back to square one…”
My collection is named Boxession (combination of box+obsession), designed Autumn/Winter 2017, targeted working ladies, women who might a stylist, celebrities, dancers, artists or photographers at the age range of 20-45 yrs old who love creative and 3D sculptural kind of fashion. Color range for the collection is black, white, yellow and blue which black, yellow and blue are the KTM logo colors. Fabrication selected is mainly linen as it is light enough with certain stiffness which help better for my designs in boxy forms.
Overall message to bring is we need not to be well-rounded, we can have edges, perspectives, we can be square. The box of life where life is a cycle, always back to square one. I have boxy elements applied but at the same time I reserve the basics. Back to square one, just like the train circulation as well as people routines which we repeat and repeat again. (Designer Shin Nee Kuan)

Boxession 2

Boxession 3

Boxession 4

Boxession 5

Boxession 6

Millionmars RUI Fashion Showcase 5

At first glance, the fold lines and utilisation of shapes reminds me of Miyake Issey. The details are very delicate. The demure fashion designer showed me her sketches and explained about the elements that inspired her to create this collection really WOW me and I am sure I will never look at the train cabin the same way anymore.

The Mirror Of Illusion

Millionmars RUI Fashion Showcase 8

Millionmars RUI Fashion Showcase 9

I am a big fan of illusion. Don’t you thing fashion itself is a form of illusion? This creative fashion designer combine geometry and stainless steel in her work.

Millionmars RUI Fashion Showcase 10

She is very adventurous in using unconventional fabrics and sew them together in a perfect way. I must say I truly find it fun to go through the collection and discover lots of little surprises, such as screws on the sleeves!

Millionmars RUI Fashion Showcase 11

I had a chat with the fashion design students and their lecturers after their presentation and found out that one of the lecturer Jennifer Kong is a senior fashion designer with a studio in London! It would be such a privilege to learn fashion design from her isn’t it?!

Millionmars RUI Fashion Showcase 12

Now after the show I feel like enrolling myself in the 3 years fashion design course. Hehe… *Kidding*

As a girl born and bred in Johor Bahru, it really made me feel proud that local JB designers can create amazing work like this. I have seen enough to tell you that these are of those quality designs.

Millionmars RUI Fashion Showcase 13

To all the RUI fashion design students, I wish all of you a big success in pursuing your fashion design career and made us JB people proud!


design 2

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