[Fashion] Earth Tone X White BROKEN Boots

21 May

Finally I have found some time to update my blog and show you some pictures that I took in Kobe. Weather was nice and we had such a great time exploring the little town. I was wearing my favourite pair of white boots, and to my great horror it was broken! So I guess this would be the last time you see it :0 Let me know if you can find out which part of it is broken? Hehe…

This is probably the first time I ever attempted a combination of earth tone. The dress surprisingly goes well with the white sweater and the creamy white knit jacket. I did not plan this outfit, I just somehow mix and match it when I have no idea what to wear 🙂 Some times, surprise awaits when you least expected it.

These pictures were taken in a tourist attraction called Kitano Ijikan in Kobe. We spent half a day strolling around this cute little district. It was beautiful.

I hope you enjoy these pictures as much as we enjoy taking it. I have been really really busy lately due to family commitment and increased work load. I wish I will find ways to update this blog as often as possible. Thank you so much for reading and wishing you a wonderful week ahead!



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