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[Fashion] Every Girl Needs A Little Red Dress

13 Mar

Dressing up is my hobby.

Call me vain, but it gives me so much joy while dressing up myself (or others). I enjoy doing it ever since I was a little girl. Today’s post is dedicated to the extra effort I put in to dress up for a special occasion, our anniversary celebration.

I always have a little red dress ready in my closet for a special occasion. When Kelvin told me that he is bringing me to somewhere special for the date, I decided to throw on this chic and sexy red dress. It is a body-con skirt with a deep v cut at front part. Definitely a fashionable piece for date nights and anniversary celebrations.

I paired it with a pair of handmade blue feathers crystal earrings and a leather tassel belt.

It took me a good 90 minutes to get ready.

That evening, he brought me to the iconic Bangkok rooftop restaurant Sirocco located at the 63rd floor of Lebua Hotel, the world’s highest alfresco restaurant. The sense of happiness begins with the walk down the artistically lit staircase, with the city below and the soothing strains of the jazz band resonating through the warm breeze.

We ordered the chef’s tasting menu with wine pairings, which means each dish would come with a glass of pairing wines. I have never tasted so many different wines over one meal in my whole life. And amazingly, I was still able to walk straight to the Sky Bar for another glass of champagne after the dinner *Bravo*

Overlooking the city lights of Bangkok, it was indeed an incomparably romantic repast.

We have been together for 13 years. And as our marriage matured, celebrating anniversary really gives us a chance to look back over the intervening years and see how far we have come, what we have achieved (or not), and how we have changed and grown.

It helps us to cherish and reminds us to love.

Hope you enjoy today’s story of the little red dress. Thank you so much for reading and allow me to share my fashion coordinates and daily musings here. Wishing you a great week ahead!


[Exclusive] A Peek Into My Million-Dollar Dream Home

19 Feb

Ever wonder how my home looks like?
Millionmars Elysia Park 5

Last Sunday I invited the Ma Cherie girls over for tea. It has been a long time since our last gathering. Life is very busy after Annabelle’s birth, and I really long for some proper social life T.T

Millionmars Elysia Park 4That afternoon we had so much fun talking about our lives and share about visions and dreams. It is the first time they visit my place and also the first time I am sharing my private space with all of you…

Millionmars Elysia Park 6

It is always great to have the girls around, we can talk non-stop on any kind of topics, from fashion to technology, children, work, food and to the infinity and beyond…

Millionmars Elysia Park 7

If you ask me, how is my dream house look like?

It would be exactly like this.

pink floral dress asian girl

*Living Area*

My place is not big. But it is enough for a small family like ours. I like it this way cos’ I don’t have to work long hours on the house chores. Kitchen, living area and dining area are all in the same space. It makes the whole area more spacious and it is easier for a mother like me to take care of my babies. I can cook while the babies sleep on the couch or play in their playpen. And I can eat my dinner while watching my favourite Korean drama (I know, I know, bad habits… hehe…)

sofa couch living area

This is also where I spend countless nights, drafting and working on my awesome blog posts.

Millionmars Elysia Park 13

Now, let me show you what’s up there!

Millionmars Elysia Park 10

*Guest Room*

This is where we Kelvin’s parents would stay if they happened to be in town. When Isabelle grows older (or when she doesn’t want to share a room with her sister anymore), we would make this into Isabelle’s room 🙂 But right now, whoever is visiting us from faraway land will still get to enjoy this 🙂

Millionmars Elysia Park 17

*Baby’s Room*

This is where Isabelle sleeps at night. She is two and a half now. We let her sleep on her own while Annabelle (5 month old) sleeps with me cos’ she still wake up occasionally for milk in the middle of the night. Every night I will read stories to my girls and tuck them in. I will play children songs for them and pray that God will comfort them and make them sleep through the night and rest well. Looking at them sleeping soundly gives me great sense of achievement and joy in my heart.

Millionmars Elysia Park 16

*Master Bedroom*

Then I will spend some alone time with him. It is weird that after we have children, I become even more clingy. I just wanna stay with him and listen to all his stories and adventures out there. He is probably one of the person that I know who travels too much. Just to give you an idea, he travels to 3-4 countries every month. At any point of time, his wallet would have 3-4 different currencies. Therefore when he is home, I feel like I want to be with him more and savour all the good times we can spend together.
Millionmars Elysia Park 19Nope, we don’t have TV in the room, cos’ we believe in spending quality time together.

Can you see the little “cot” near the window? That is where we place Annabelle. It is a very clever “detachable” cot, it can be attached to the bed so that I can closely monitor her at night. Hehe…

And you might be wondering…

Do I feel insecured or alone when he is not around? 

What do you mean?

We have a smart door lock \(0.o)/

Millionmars Elysia Park 11

No, I am not alone when he is not around. It is as wonderful, cos’ I can spend some alone time with myself. I normally make myself a cup of coffee or pour myself a glass of good wine and pick up a book to read. They always say, a woman who reads is a wiser and more sensible woman. And yes, I want to be that woman, whom her man will come home to her and talk through a tough decision with.

Of course, friends are very important part of my life. It is great to hang out with good people that share the same passion. It inspires and motivates me to be better on a whole new level!

Millionmars Elysia Park 3

(Oh my, I have so much potential to be The Stepford Wives)

Millionmars Elysia Park 8

If you are wondering where I stay…

Hehe… Here is where my dream home located.

The Elysia Park Residence

PT 199671, Nusajaya, Mukim Pulai, 79200 Johor Darul Takzim
Tel: 017-792 0089 Fax: +607-521 3129     Email:

Millionmars Elysia Park 1

Millionmars Elysia Park 2

Thank you very much for reading about my sharing on my dream home. Hope you find them inspiring too.

Note: No lah~ I don’t really own or stay in the house mentioned above (although I really wish I could). All of the stories above are what I have in mind when I dream about my new home. However, all characters appearing in this work are REAL. They are my real family and friends.

Millionmars Elysia Park 19

Dreams do make us feel more alive and motivated isn’t it?

Meanwhile, please connect with The Elysia Residence Park via their Facebook page HERE for upcoming event and interesting contest.


Click here to see what others say about it:
Elysia Park Residence ,Medini @ 我的梦想家园
Photo Credits: An Art Home Studio

Try Something New

13 Feb

When was the last time you tried something new?

Trying new things can be scary and stressful sometimes. The unfamiliarity pushes us out of our comfort zone and it can make us really nervous. And many times we will have all the self-doubts:

Should I be doing this?

Am I able to do this?

Am I looking dumb?

Oh Gosh! What am I doing?

Well, honestly speaking, most of us feel like this, and it is NORMAL.

Too often, we let the fear of the unknown prevent us from trying new things. Remember that on the other side of fear lies freedom. Trying new things not only let us conquer those fears, but it also helps us to broaden our horizon and learn about ourselves.

So, lately, I have tried something new that I have never done before 🙂

To produce a commercial online VIDEO.

facebook video

I wrote the plot, planned the outfits, makeup and hairstyles, designed the sets and worked with professional videographer to film and edit this video. It was COMPLETELY NEW to me!

Here are some snapshots of the video that we made for this wireless-push-up-beauty-bra from EHearts.


woman exercise morning

The video is filmed from a lifestyle perspective, depicting how the comfortable beauty bra can be part of a woman’s active and fashionable lifestyle.


woman working in green suit

working office lady laptop


This scene is my favourite scene. My daughter was wearing her favourite pineapple T-Shirt and so lovingly kiss me in front of the camera. I felt so happy every time I replay this scene 🙂
mother and child

mother and child smiling playtime


Many times I struggle to choose between wearing a nude bra or go bra-less… Now the problem is solved!

woman wearing earrings

woman in front of mirror red dress


Ending is more about introducing the main features of the camisole 🙂


eheart camisole bra

It was truly a fun and exciting experience for me. I never thought I would be able to produce something like this!

You can click HERE to view the full video in HD.


The possibilities are absolutely endless when it comes to trying something new, and whether it’s a big or small leap outside your comfort zone you’ll still reap the benefits. So meet new friends, go travel, try new food, learn a new skill, broaden your horizons, and give your soul a boost.

Thank you so much for reading and wishing you a great week ahead!

God bless you.




29 Jan

HK Disneyland Hotel Millionmars 16


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Are You His “Dream Woman”? 4 Ways To Tell

19 Jan

Millionmars Socialite 4

Did you know that there are four completely irresistible traits men look for in the woman they want to spend “forever” with?

I have come across an interesting article by dating coach Matthew Hussey about the top 4 things men want in their dream woman and I just have to share it with all of you 🙂

The Top 4 Things Men Want in Their Dream Woman

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