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[Fashion] Every Girl Needs A Little Red Dress

13 Mar

Dressing up is my hobby.

Call me vain, but it gives me so much joy while dressing up myself (or others). I enjoy doing it ever since I was a little girl. Today’s post is dedicated to the extra effort I put in to dress up for a special occasion, our anniversary celebration.

I always have a little red dress ready in my closet for a special occasion. When Kelvin told me that he is bringing me to somewhere special for the date, I decided to throw on this chic and sexy red dress. It is a body-con skirt with a deep v cut at front part. Definitely a fashionable piece for date nights and anniversary celebrations.

I paired it with a pair of handmade blue feathers crystal earrings and a leather tassel belt.

It took me a good 90 minutes to get ready.

That evening, he brought me to the iconic Bangkok rooftop restaurant Sirocco located at the 63rd floor of Lebua Hotel, the world’s highest alfresco restaurant. The sense of happiness begins with the walk down the artistically lit staircase, with the city below and the soothing strains of the jazz band resonating through the warm breeze.

We ordered the chef’s tasting menu with wine pairings, which means each dish would come with a glass of pairing wines. I have never tasted so many different wines over one meal in my whole life. And amazingly, I was still able to walk straight to the Sky Bar for another glass of champagne after the dinner *Bravo*

Overlooking the city lights of Bangkok, it was indeed an incomparably romantic repast.

We have been together for 13 years. And as our marriage matured, celebrating anniversary really gives us a chance to look back over the intervening years and see how far we have come, what we have achieved (or not), and how we have changed and grown.

It helps us to cherish and reminds us to love.

Hope you enjoy today’s story of the little red dress. Thank you so much for reading and allow me to share my fashion coordinates and daily musings here. Wishing you a great week ahead!


Sorry Darling, I Know This Is Meant To Be Kept Secret ❤ [10th Anniversary Celebration Revealed]

26 Jun


Oh My! Sometimes I still find it hard to believe that we have been together for 10 years!! I mean, seriously? And when Kelvin told me that he had arranged something special for the 10th anniversary celebration, I was totally excited!

He asked me to pack for a getaway to a secret destination which he did not reveal…


And VOILA~ Here’s what I pack… Some basics with lots of fuchsia pink!


Ever since Isabelle’s born, Kelvin and I were making more of an effort to go on dates, spend more one-on-one time hanging out (even watching DVDs at home), and basically just trying to do a better job of making time for each other in general.  As we got busier, we seemed to go on less dates and let life take over again.  Don’t get me wrong, we work together and we are around each other constantly, so it’s not as if we don’t see each other, but it is important to set aside time for fun.  And most of the time I have to admit that I am really bad at that.

So, here’s our anniversary dinner together with baby Isabelle 🙂




Isabelle had been behaving well and we manage to settle down to enjoy fabulous gourmet dinner followed by a decadent dessert. We talked about beautiful life moments we shared (while feeding Isabelle her biscuits) and took in the spectacular sunsets and the beauty of the skies and sea from our table.

After the dinner, we headed to a friend’s son’s 1st birthday party, and after that we sent Isabelle to my mum’s place so that we can spend some one-to-one time together for the rest of the night!


Here goes our getaway…

(Honestly, I still didn’t have a clue on where we are heading at that particular moment. But it was so intriguing…)





Oh well, I really felt like being on HONEYMOON again~

Just when I was busy tasting the specialty chocolates prepared by the hotel, something magical happened!


Kelvin took out a beautiful blue box from his small luggage and hand it over to me.

“Happy Anniversary!”, he said.

Oh no, darling, but I didn’t prepare anything for you…”, I said.

“That’s okay, open it and see if you like it.” Still feeling a bit guilty,  I started to unwrap the present.



It is so beautiful I think I almost burst into tears.

The craftsmanship is so incredibly stunning!


I hope I can show you how sparkly it is, but the picture doesn’t do justice to the sumptuous gradation of the crystals.



I really can’t recall when was the last time we had such luxurious lovely time together.


And woke up to this charming harbour view~


Eryn’s being dressy for a breakfast.




After the delicious breakfast, we decided to go splash some water.

AC18Some precious bikinis pictures for you just for this special occasion!

AC19Doing silly moves while husband trying to take pictures…



We joked and laughed until we were on the verge of tears. And for a moment, I think I saw ourselves, a younger version of us. A loving boy taking pictures of the silly girl he loves.


After shower, we chilled a little on bed and day dream about future…

(well, that’s ME day dreaming and Kelvin playing mahjong with his Ipad…)


Then it’s round 2 of OOTD cos’ my turquoise dress was wet.


It amazed me that a purple scarf and Shourouk necklace can do so much to a casual outfit.


So, that’s about it! Our mini getaway… Now, let’s go pick Isabelle…

(Note: Both of us really suffer from baby separation anxiety)


Now we are older and we have a job and a family and we are real grown up… SO WHAT? We are happy that sometimes we can still be silly and stupid and jump into pools! Or tell silly jokes and thoroughly enjoy kid’s games. I believe you are young until you aren’t, which I believe is never, cos’ you are never not young! Get that?


We aren’t perfect characters for marriage. We still struggle like everyone else, but somehow we are celebrating 10 years of relationship this year and we still kinda like each other. I guess that means we’re doing okay 🙂

Thank you so much for reading and wishing you a lovely weekend!

XOXO Eryn❤

OMG! It’s Been 9 Years!

2 Mar

Eryn Anniversary

Today marks the 9th year Kelvin and I have been together. Loving as he always is, he planned special dinner to celebrate this special day. We knocked off at 6:30pm and he brought me to this cozy western restaurant that serves Mediterranean food like French, Spanish, Italian, Moroccan and Greek dishes located at Jalan Serampang. I was so excited that I started planning what to wear the day before 🙂

I must say I am quite impressed by the deco and the overall atmosphere in this restaurant.

Sweetwater 1

The interior of the restaurant is gorgeous with an open space section where sunlight shines in from the rooftop. We were being placed at a corner with soft cushions next to a giant mirror which makes the spaces look bigger and brighter.Sweetwater 2


The starter of French onion soup ($16.00) was nicely cooked with caramelized onions. The crispy cheese at the side adds credit to the overall taste of the simple soup. A bit salty I must say, but 2 of us finished it in no time 🙂

French Onion Soup

I am a big fan of mushroom, which goes deliciously with chicken especially in creamy sauce 🙂 We sprinkled this pollo champinones ($14.00) with chilli flakes and eat it up with the warm crispy bread.

Pollo Champinones

For main course, Kelvin ordered his favourite carbonara ($46.00). It is very disappointing as the sauce lack richness in flavour and tasted a bit bland and off flavour with the addition of broccoli. For this price, we actually expecting something rich and divine in taste. But at $46.00, this dish felt like a rip-off.


I ordered myself Morrocan chicken with rice ($55.00). There were 4 decent sized chicken breast pieces heavily spiced in tumeric, paprika and ginger and other spices that I couldn’t tell just from eating, lying on top of saucy rice. It smelled so good even from across the table 🙂 A very unique taste, particularly if you are into spices.

Moroccan Chicken

The overall dining experience is awesome, but the waiting time is a bit too long. We waited for an average of 15 minutes between bread – soup – entree – main courses. We were fine with it since it is our anniversary celebration, we had so much to talk about in between the dishes. But if you are in a hurry or very hungry, you might want to ask the chef to serve everything together (I reckon it would be faster!). Besides that, they do have a very impressive selection of wines and drinks, but since I am pregnant and would not want to take any alcohol and cold drinks, I saved Kelvin some money by just ordering water… T__T

Also, due to the long dining time and our small stomach, after finishing our main courses, we can find no space for the desserts anymore. However, according to the menu and chef’s recommendation, we deduce that the desserts here are definitely worth coming back for. Well, I’ll update you next time when we come back for dessert 🙂

Okay I know, I initially wanted to write about our anniversary celebration and I ended up writing a food review 🙂 That’s because most of my friends has been asking me where I usually dine in JB and if there’s any good eatery around JB, so here’s for you who’s looking for a perfect dining place for your date night 🙂 A bit pricey, but definitely worth it as long as you don’t order carbonara… hehe… Visit their website for reservation and more info: www.sweetwaterrestaurant.info


Here’s about us… our 9th anniversary.

A few days ago, Taiwanese director Ang Lee won Oscar for the best director with the film “Life Of Pi”. And I just so happened to read about a short article that he wrote about how his wife supported him through his career’s down time. It’s called <A Never-Ending Dream>, it says about his wife believing in his dream even though she had to provide for the family while he struggled and torn between dreams and reality. Click here for the full version in both Chinese and English. After reading the article, I quickly made a prayer: God, please help me to be that woman, who can believe and support my husband’s dreams even in the worst time…

Kelvin And I

From one of a framed pictures that we took back then.

I have known him for 9 years. And when I asked him during the dinner, what are the changes you see in yourself in this 9 years. He replied, I am a happier man now, with a big smile on his face.

I always believe that you can never change a man. You can only help to bring out his best. I am not so sure about him, but to me, he has been there to shape me into a prettier, smarter and confident woman. When I looked at his small eyes while scooping my rice out from the hot plate, I thought it is such a blessing that we have each other for the past 9 years. He is always caring and supportive. I feel both safe and free in his love. He believes in every of my dreams, big or small, sometimes even dreams that I find it ridiculous (like flying to Indonesia just to have crabs and having dolphins as pets…etc). He never laughed at my dumbness and never look down on me nor my dreams. He makes me more courageous in realizing my life and to dream bigger.

Baby Belly

And now, we have a baby on the way… It would be a whole new journey filled with unknowns… Deep inside, I know I need more patience and humility in the future to be a good wife and a good mother at the same time. Fear? yes. But I know God has a plan for us and I’m so thankful that Kelvin is always there when I am scared.

 To mark our anniversary, he gave me a set of lavish jewellery the night, Peacocks with stones in various colours which I love at the first sight although I really don’t know where I can wear this to… He named it “The Beginning of A Wonderful Journey”.

The Start of Another Wonderful Journey with You

They say an anniversary is a time to celebrate the joys of today, the memories of yesterday, and the hopes of tomorrow.

That’s exactly how I feel now, and may there be many many many more to come 🙂

Happy Anniversary darling!!

imageXOXO Eryn ❤

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