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And They are Learning How To Change Nappies!

25 Apr

 OMG, I just can’t imagine we are seriously doing this!! IMG_0507


It all started in one fine Sunday afternoon when Kelvin and I were shopping for our little baby. We were standing in the middle of the baby section and have absolute NO CLUES of what to buy for a newborn!  I always thought it would be easy and when we stood with our empty shopping cart, in the middle of milk bottles, teats in various sizes, baby clothing in different patterns, mittens, booties, face towels, nappies, nail clippers, powder, detergent, shampoo… etc. I realized that I know nothing about babies at all!! So we ended up stalking other couples and see what they bought and carried in their shopping carts… T.T

And we made up our mind to attend this 4-hour antenatal class and getting ourselves a little bit more prepared~


It was held every third Saturday of each month at Johor Specialist Hospital. Fee is RM32 per couple. Programme includes:

Nutrition during Pregnancy

Antenatal Exercise

Preparation for Delivery

Type of Delivery

Pain Relief

Care of Newborn

Feeding Your Baby


Visit to Delivery Suite and Nursery 


The pictures above and below were a gyneacologist demonstrate on instrumental delivery, using vacuum and forceps. Believe me, I was horrified by the different kinds of delivery methods and procedures involved. They all sounded so “invasive” and “painful”! I mean, cutting vaginal opening, incision in the abdomen, extracting baby out using forceps and suck it out using vacuum??

Despite all the scary stories, I think I have gained more insights into what childbirth is about~ And know what we should expect when the time comes~

Good thing was, the package includes refreshment during tea break! Let’s chew something before learning how to bath the baby🙂IMG_0506

A trained nurse showed us how to clean the baby in the most skilful way I’ve ever seen! I think I will need a lot of practices to get it right🙂

And here’s the labour room!!! IMG_0509

(I still can’t believe we are living to see this day coming!!)IMG_0508

The little baby warmer where newborn baby would be put in~IMG_0500

And Aha~ Our happy baby bag full of goodies!IMG_0511

For the price of RM32.00, it’s so value-for-money! I would definitely recommend this program to those first time parents like us, who wish to learn more about childbirth and taking care of baby.

You can call 07-2253000 (ext 735) to make your booking.

IMG_0510As I walked down the corridor on the way out, overwhelmed by all the informations that I have in my mind, I have an instant realisation:

Childbirths and babies are act of God!

Anything could happen during pregnancy and during childbirth labour. We, as human, simply can’t do it without His love, grace and mercy. Through today’s lesson, I realised that everyone was once the “miracle baby”. God desired our lives even when we were still in the womb. He wonderfully knits us together. He didn’t need an ultrasound to rejoice at seeing the first beatings of our hearts. And it doesn’t matter what we have been through or where we are now, He desires us still.

I touched my belly and started to give thanks.

When thou passeth through the waters, I will be with thee… Isaiah 43:2

Thank you so much reading🙂 Have a great day!



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Holy Matrimony {Fly with me or Sink with me}

17 Sep

It was a beautiful morning, when I woke up realizing the paper mask still stucked on my FACE!!!! OMG! OMG! I was too tired and forgot to peel it off the night before! And great! My face would look super dry on my wedding day!!!

As I quickly rushed into the toilet and wash my face and inspected the condition of my face carefully, I thought I heard rain…. Oh dear… please don’t tell me you gonna rain… on my wedding day??

I bathed and quickly did my own hair and make up. I curled my hair and tied half of them up and use violet eye shadow to enhance the overall look. My eyes were a bit swollen, but I think I still looked okay. And when I threw on my white sling dress, to my great horror, the zip JAMMED!! No, you gonna be kidding me… I tried it on for 100th times and now it JAMMED!!? I almost burst into tears… “Darling… my dress jammed…” Then I suddenly remembered, before I got on the plane, my mum actually forced to packed me a “spare dress”, just in case she said… I searched it out from my big luggage and run my hand through all the creases resulted from the improper “stuffing”… Great, now I am either going to look like a “recycle” bride or a bride with a jammed zip: Choose…

Finally, all done and ready to go🙂 When we opened the door, a dark sky and cold breezes welcomed us… It’s February! It’s supposed to be hot! Who suggested to get married in Melbourne at the first place?? I packed all of our jackets and  blazer in the cartons and shipped them back to Malaysia already!!~~😦 I was wearing a strapless dress and the only thing I had to keep myself warm was a tiny little faux fur scarf…


Then we arrived early at the venue to see that the photographers were the first to reached!! (We didn’t actually hire photographers, so we were very very grateful that Kelvin’s friend Jason and his friend were kind enough to offer to take pictures for us! For free some more~)
And as I scrolled up the blind, to my great relief, the sun was coming out!

Thank God everything was still intact!! Keke…

My hand flowers delivered! 

And our guests started coming in🙂

Look at our beautiful guests!

Then we (sort of) rehearsed the ceremony with Pastor Joe… 

And then… the real deal! I was so nervous that I completely forgot about my hand flower…. Duh… I left it on the reception table! I didn’t realize it until half way, I thought how come my hand so free one? 

And then when the pastor was explaining about the 3 rings of marriage…


I mean… come on… SERIOUSLY?? 

It continued for about 30 seconds before it stopped… Pastor Joe then continued to say: Marriage can be really surprising in some way. And we all laughed it off…

We exchanged our vows and rings…

In the simplest way, we were pronounced husband and wife🙂

Kelvin’s paternal 2nd uncle acted as my witness.

And Kelvin’s paternal 6th uncle acted as his witness.

We are married!

Then we were being informed that the caterer had not arrived… They can’t find their way… WHAT?? Had I not have enough drama today?? So, someone suggested to toss the bridal bouquet🙂 That sounds good…

Ready girls…

After that, Kelvin gave a speech andexpress our gratitude and appreciation to those who come to witness the solemnization.

Funny enough, the caterer arrived and finished set up the food table after the speech!!

Oh look at me, I looked so “little girl” then…

After the ceremony, the photographers suggested to take some outdoor pictures… 

Darling, so from today onwards, your money is my money…

Weather’s beautiful for a group pictures.

I still remembered when we met Pastor Joe for the first time, discussing about the solemnization, he asked:

So who will give you away at your wedding?

Erm, no one… both my parents and Kelvin’s parents will not be here.

Oh… okay, so how many bridemaids do you have?

I have no bridemaids… We just want a very simple wedding.

Okay… so scripture reading for the wedding?

Pastor, there will not be any scripture reading…

(situation become a bit intense…)

What about candle lighting ceremony?

We didn’t plan to have a candle lighting ceremony. (I think I sounded a bit fishy…)

What kind of dress will you wear?

I will not be wearing a formal wedding dress. I am wearing a kneelength white sling dress *smile*


Kekeke… I don’t blame him for being suspicious cos’ we really weren’t as prepared as other couple🙂

But despite all the last minute preparation and a day filled with drama, we were husband and wife at the end of that day🙂

Many has asked me when was the first time I experience God, I would say this was the day. I wasn’t a Christian yet, that’s the reason we did not have our wedding in a church. Ever since I was born, I know I was not the luckiest one. I am always the one got bullied by my little friends, my marks were always 1/2 or 1 point to score As, gangster at school purposely picked on me, people taking me for granted and things that I’ve done were unappreciated… I don’t matter to anyone, and throughout my life I thought I am a lonesome ordinary girl who never get noticed. And this was the day, I come to realized that there’s been a greater power, watching me and showing me GRACE and GOODNESS like never before… How could so many dramas happen in a day and still it comes out to be so perfect for me.  Maybe I’ve been forgotten by many people, but God remembered me… God makes me feel very special, which I never thought I can be. And it was a truly awesome experience…

Hope you enjoy my little story on the solemnization ceremony and wishing you all the best with yours🙂

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When You First Called

20 Aug

8th of August is Kelvin’s birthday. This year I was planning to throw a surprise party for him. Just when I was drafting the plan and thinking of all the fun activities we gonna do, I come to realise the fact that most of his best friends are all over different places on this planet… Which means, there’s none of his friends here in JB. Then there’s this sudden surge of empathy from my heart towards him… He has got not much friends here, at least not much of those he would like to spend quality time with.

That night, we lie on bed and I was reading this to him.

1 Corinthians 7:17-24: Nevertheless, each one should retain the place in life that the Lord assigned to him and to which God has called him. This is the rule I lay down in all the churches. Was a man already circumcised when he was called? He should not become uncircumcised. Was a man uncircumcised when he was called? He should not be circumcised. Circumcision is nothing and uncircumcision is nothing. Keeping God’s commands is what counts. Each one should remain in the situation which he or she was in when God called him. Were you a slave when you were called? Don’t let it trouble you– although if you can gain your freedom, do so. For he who was a slave when he was called by the Lord is the Lord’s freedman; similarly, he who was a free man when he was called is Christ’s slave. You were bought at a price; do not become slaves of men.  Brothers, each man, as responsible to God, should remain in the situation God called him to. (NIV)

Do you know why it was repeated 3 times? He shook his head. Because it is a very important message. It reminds us to retain our place in life. You may feel that we are deprived of quality time with friends, you may think that it would get better if we move out of town or country. You may think that we need better jobs or we should have more freedom to do whatever we wanna do. But God places us here for a reason. We are not here facing all the circumstances by chances. We are being CALLED. And when we seemingly find ourselves enslaved to a role in which we wish to be set free, Paul reminds us that we have been bought with a price and he tells us not to become enslaved to the world’s thinking. We can exercise our freedom in Christ in our assigned role whether it is an ideal situation or not. I touched his face and said, of course, filling a role we aren’t comfortable with is not always easy. But by the grace of God, we always have each other🙂

Here’s his pre-BD celebration last year before our wedding.

This year on his birthday, I took him to a candle-lit dinner (as shown in the first picture of this post) and I am glad that he is pretty happy about it🙂 For all his dear friends (you know who you are), he misses all of you so dearly. So please, visit us in JB whenever you can… Keke… I thank God for everything He has provided us and Kelvin has been such a loving man who endures conflicting culture issues, hot weather and lack of time with friends and all with a big heart.

Dear Kelvin,

You have been a wonderful husband, son, brother, working partner and friend. I am so very happy to have you in my life. May God continue to bless us with strength and wisdom, to find freedom to live and to discover our God given role right where we are.

Happy Birthday Darling!

Love, Eryn


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