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[Fashion] Weekends Style X Summer Maxi Dress

21 Mar

I do have a thing for summer maxi dress.

Made of cotton, this dress flows like a dream when I immerse myself in the humid tropical breeze.

While we cannot be possibly go on a major vacation every week, we certainly can go on a minor one. A mini vacation begins with switching off your mobile devices and relax in your chair.

When I take my mini vacations, I picture myself lying on the chair beside the infinity pool, overlooking the horizon. I visualize the warmth of the sun and the humid tropical breeze. In the background, I hear the sound of water and imagine the taste of a glass of cooling sweet fruit punch.

After only a few minutes of this mental escape, I feel rejuvenated, and ready for the rest of the day ahead.

Our minds are extremely potent devices. The subconcious mind cannot really tell the difference between an image that we envision and one that is real. So by taking a virtual mini vacation, we fool our mind into thinking we are taking this quick break from our daily routines and invokes many of the wonderful physical benefits of a real vacation.

Thank you so much for reading and I hope you enjoy this post as much as I enjoy crafting it 🙂


My Favourite Japan Beauty Product [Saborino Morning Mask]

6 Mar


Good morning!

This morning I am sharing about a unique product I have found:



What is Saborino morning mask?

It is a product specially designed to be used in the morning. This product has 3 major functions:




Provide a perfect base for makeup

Sounds too good? Hehe… initially I really doubt anyone will use facial mask in the morning, SERIOUSLY, WHO GOT TIME? However, when I started using it for a week, I realized that it actually saves me some time!



  1. Open up the flip cap and take out one sheet.
  2. Stretch the mask gently to fit to the face. If I didn’t stretch a bit, the holes for the eyes are a little bit too close to each other. So with a little stretching, it can fit the face perfectly.
  3. Smooth it out.
  4. Then I will start getting dress and style my hair, which takes about 10 minutes.
  5. Time to remove the mask.
  6. Gently wipe it around the face and neck to “cleanse” it.
  7. Start applying make up.

By doing like this, I have cut down the time for cleansing and skipped my skin care routine 🙂


The key ingredients in the mask includes, apple fruit acid, peppermint extract, cucumber extract, tea tree leaf oil, grapefruit leaf oil, collagen, orange oil, avocado extract and honey. Therefore it is really minty, cooling and refreshing when I use it first thing in the morning.


Things I like about it?

  1. It certainly does SAVE time.
  2. It “plumps” up the skin and tightening.
  3. The makeup stays better throughout the day.


I really enjoy this innovative product and hope you will find it useful too.


If you are into Japan beauty products, you can read more here:

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Thank you so much for reading!


God bless you.


My Favourite Japan Beauty Product [KOSÉ CLEAR TURN Eye Mask]

1 Mar


Today I am going to share about one of my favourite Japan beauty product:



The mask is designed for fine wrinkles due to dryness. It comes in 32 sets of crescent shape masks in a packet, providing targeted areas such as under eyes and around the mouth where fine wrinkles from dryness are particularly concerning.


This product has skin plumping effect. It contains retinol derivatives that converts into retinol inside the body by enzyme where it has its effects, such as, controlling skin regeneration, stimulating collagen and elastine production.

It also contains collagen, hyaluronic acid, elastine, astaxanthin, natural moisturizing factors and glycerin.




It comes in a small resealable packet like this.


As you can see I have used up half of the packet!

Sometimes, I put it on my nose too! The cresent shape makes a perfect fit to the curve of the nose 🙂


It has a yellowish tinge and each piece is folded when it’s in the packet.


So you need to carefully unfold it and apply on your skin.


Yupe, it’s BARELY visible!


So I use it liberally after shower without worrying that my mask might scare my children (or husband) off. LOL~


The material is made of a pure, anti-irritant sheet from the downy hair around the cotton seed, which fibers are fine and soft, and fits well below the eyes. Efficient in delivering beauty serum.


Unlike those deeply moisturizing mask, these partial eye masks dries up pretty quickly (10 minutes). After peeling it off, I can really feel a different!



That’s why they say if you feed your skin enough water, the wrinkles will go away 🙂

If you are looking for that one heroic eye mask that may solve your eye beauty problems, I would definitely to suggest this No.1 selling eye mask in Japan 🙂


Thank you so much for reading. If you like this review and would like me to do more of it, please comment and let me know okay?



A Japan Fashion Co. [COCO Concept Store]

27 Feb


This week is all about Japanese!

(Last week is all about Tales of A Heiress, if you have not read already, CLICK HERE!!)

Last week, we have been invited to attend the official grand opening of COCO Concept Store, A Japan Fashion Co., located at Aeon Tebrau City, Johor Bahru.

cute japanese girl

This is the first COCO Concept Store in Malaysia, presenting stylish Japanese street style fashion apparels for both men and women. image


Our beautiful MC, Ms. Sabrina greeted the guests, and introduced the concept and meaning behind the brand COCO.


Group CEO Mr. Nicholas spoke about COCO Concept Store, a Japan-inspired fashion house founded and designed by a group of young fashion designers. Their goal is to introduce contemporary Japanese-inspired fashion apparels for both men and women. COCO Concept Store offers a range of chic and stylish outfits, and soon they will be adding on more Japanese-inspired street wear and Harajuku fashion items! *how exciting*

imageHere, a brief showcase of the styles and outfits offered by COCO Concept Store!







The best thing is, shopping in COCO Concept Store is SO AFFORDABLE!!!

Most items’ prices range from RM19-RM39.





Me and the Ma Cherie girls were having such a great time exploring and shopping!image

Catching up with beautiful Sabrina, the master mind behind this wonderful event.

Yup, I bag a few items for my upcoming trip…

(The clothes are too nice, I just couldn’t help it.)image


Now you know where to go shopping for Japanese-inspired fashion items:

COCO Concept Store

F23, Level 1,

AEON Tebrau City Johor Bahru.

Connect with them via Facebook: www.facebook.com/cococonceptstore



Bloglovin, H&M Announced The 5 Finalists for 2016 Breakthrough Fashion Blogger of the Year Award!

27 Jul

Wow, what a long blog title!

This June, I have decided to up my game a little bit and came up with a series of photoshoots to participate in H&M’s Breakthrough Fashion Blogger of the Year competition.

I put on my thinking cap and tried to style my outfits a little bit differently from my usual ways. I took out all my H&M fashion apparels and worked out the most interesting combinations. I spent time discussing with the make up artist and photographer about the concept and persona I want to express through my pictures.

And here is one of my entries (another one is The Futuristic Siren) for the competition.

Sahara Princess

Very mysterious. In a faraway land where there is little or no rain, grows a magically beautiful flower. Sands and scorching sun could not hide her whimsical sense. She is fearless about future and her optimistic outlook of life is ready to make a difference in the world.

Millionmars Sahara Princess 4

Millionmars Sahara Princess 2

Millionmars Sahara Princess 1

Millionmars Sahara Princess 5

I mixed and matched a Ushanka-hat with a oversized-printed-blazer (from H&M) and a layered-tutu-tea-dress with boots and lots of accessories.

This combination turned out to be really whimsical and fun!

(I even pinned a peacock brooch with fancy stones in my hat if you notice.)

Well, then I was so anticipated for the results after I submitted my entry. I mean, entering competition really makes you nervous in a way or another right? Especially when it is such a prestigious competition open for all fashion blogger over the world. OMG~

And the wait is finally over, H&M and Bloglovin announced the 5 nominees for 2016 Breakthrough Fashion Blogger of the Year Award. You can read about it HERE. And guess what,

I was not in the list.

I didn’t get picked for the award.

Ya I know it kinda sucks when you didn’t get the things you want so badly. But it’s okay for I know I have put in my best and worked hard to make it happen.

In the list or not, I have made my own literary breakthrough today.

Millionmars Sahara Princess 3

I hope you enjoy the pictures because we have so much fun experimenting with this style. Thank you for always believing in me and giving me encouragements.

God bless you.


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