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Date Night @TWG Tea Salon & Boutique [Sunway Pyramid]

4 Jan

Happy New Year!!TWG 2

Year 2016 really gives me so much hopes and anticipations! I just have a good feeling that all will turn out well in this wonderful year of 2016 😀

Today’s post is about our recent date night at TWG Tea Salon & Boutique located at Sunway Pyramid.


It was so elegantly furnished with warm polished-wood tables, cushioned wicker-back chairs, fine bone china, crisp linens, crystal lamps and 18K gold-plated tea pot…


I wish I have something more dressy to wear to a place like this, but the only dress I have in my luggage at that time was this V-cut front slit casual dress.

(Black dress is always the best.)


TWG 12

TWG 14

We were seated at a quiet corner, and managed to enjoy some private chats while enjoying the delicate food.

TWG 11

Lobster Bisque @RM30

Homemade seafood based soup with lobster meat, salmon roe laced cream served with Tea coated grissini.

TWG 10

Spring Lamb Stew @RM40

A traditional French lamb stew slowly cooked with carrots, potatoes, turnip and green peas and served in rich lamb sauce.


T6074 Voyager’s Tea @RM21


Wagyu Burger @RM50

Grilled Wagyu beef burger with lettuce, tomato and Emmental cheese topped with cocktail sauce and served on a homemade bun, accompanied by matchstick potatoes and meschun salad tossed in 1837 Green Tea infused vinaigrette.

As for dessert, I ordered my all time favourite:


Crème Brûlée @RM21

A refreshing return to the traditional French confection, these two miniature crème brûlée are delightfully infused with two of the exclusive TWG Teas, Phuguri Darjeeling and Vanilla Bourbon Tea.


Chocolate Fondant @RM21

TWG Tea’s warm chocolate cake served with a light custard cream and a scoop of homemade Vanilla Bourbon Tea ice cream.

And Isabelle enjoyed her orange juice too!

TWG 13

After the scrumptious dinner, I spent some time exploring the magnificent tea wall displaying hundreds of single-estate and hand-blended teas in TWG Tea signature artisan tins.

It is simply beautiful.

TWG 18

TWG 17

At the same time, Isabelle was getting acquainted with the handsome babysitter waiter…

TWG 15

TWG 20

Mummy did some shopping 🙂

TWG 21

TWG 22

TWG 24

The overall dining experience is excellent. We are very pleased with the first-class service and food quality. And we will definitely come back again.

TWG 19

TWG Tea at Sunway Pyramid

Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall, LG1 Concourse, LG1.33A, No. 3, Jalan PJS 11/15, Bandar Sunway, 46150 Petaling Jaya, Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia
Tel: + 60 3 5621 2899
Opening Hours:
Monday – Sunday, 10am – 10pm

TWG 23

Thank you very much for reading and if you like this post, please let me know by leaving a comment below 🙂

Wishing you a great week ahead!



Life Is Like A Dream [Dream Cafe Review]

25 Jun

Hello Everyone!

How’s your week so far?

I have been very busy catching up with works while raising 2 kids at the same time 🙂 Life is starting to get really exciting especially when the little one refuses to sleep at 4a.m. in the morning~ (I am typing this post single handed while my other hand holding the baby who just fall asleep at 2 a.m.)

My life has been very eventful after my confinement 🙂 We brought babies out to shopping and attend gathering and food review together! I must say that I am becoming better and better in handling babies now… Hahaha…

So, today I would like to share a bit on our recent dining experience at Dream Cafe located at Taman Mount Austin.

It is a cosy cafe with simple and industrial interior deco.



They have an “open” kitchen concept where you can see how your food being prepared through the glass 🙂 I personally like this idea, because only restaurant with handsome chefs confident on their cleanliness and good hygiene practice is willing to do so.

So, here are the few dishes that we have sampled. I am quite a picky eater, and I must say all the dishes are nice and reasonably charged.

Thai Style Salmon Salad @RM15.90

2015/06/img_3355.jpgFried Oysters with Homemade Tartar Sauce @RM13.90


Herb Butter Dory with Raisin Rice @RM15.90


Salmon Steak with Herb Crush @ RM32.90

photo 2 (9)

Cauliflower Soup with Spicy Sour Cream @RM8.90

photo 4 (6)

Beef Bolognese Pasta @RM22.90


Milk Pudding with a scoop of Ice Cream @RM11.90

If you asked me what’s so special about this cafe, I would say it’s the effort that they have put in to make every dish perfect. I can see it from the details like, they choose to make their own dip sauces, cook bolognese sauce from scratch and blend their own mashed potato. Personally, I am very touched by the passion and sincerity of the chef. When most cafes are serving ready-to-cook pasta sauce and 3-in-1 coffee, they prefer making everything themselves and I think that is what distinguishes Dream Cafe from the rest.


This is Patrick, the young and handsome man behind Dream Cafe.

photo 4

It was a really fun occasion to me. A food review session turned into Ma Chérie girls gathering!

photo 3

Here are snippets of the gathering~

Princess Neverland (UP) and Extraordinarinn (DOWN)


My inspiration, Jennifer from Imjennifer


Lastly, you must really come to Dream Cafe at Taman Mount Austin. Even though this is a sponsored post, but I really like their food and think you should try it too!

Connect with them via Facebook or contact them at:

No.27, Jalan Austin Heights 8/4,
Taman Mount Austin,
Johor Bahru.
07-364 1052
ma cherie dream cafe
Wanna know what the other Ma Cherie girls say?
Click to read more from: EuniceLer Travel and Kim!
Thank you so much for reading and have a nice day!
Seafood Buffet At Harbour Cafe @Traders Hotel Puteri Harbour

Seafood Buffet At Harbour Cafe @Traders Hotel Puteri Harbour

Makan Makan Buffet At Cafe BLD [Renaissance Hotel]

Makan Makan Buffet At Cafe BLD [Renaissance Hotel]

Dining Experience at Sky on 57 [Marina Bay Sands]

Dining Experience at Sky on 57 [Marina Bay Sands]

2015 You Should Go Out More [B.E Cafe @ Taman Molek]

29 Jan

Hello World!

Be Cafe MillionmarsHow have you been?

I must admit that I have been “hiding” for a long time. I just feel so lazy to go out. And due to the pregnancy, I have been turning down almost all invitations to events and social activities. It sort of makes me feel a bit “isolated” sometimes… You know what I mean…

Be Cafe 13So, once in a while, in the midst of all isolation and solitude, it’s great to catch up with the Ma Chérie girls while having good food and coffee at B.E.Cafe @ Taman Molek!

Be Cafe 14

Be Cafe 16

Be Cafe 15It was a beautiful night. Almost all Ma Chérie girls joined the gathering and we just couldn’t stop talking, eating, taking pictures and share our dreams with each other.

In case you are interested in knowing what did we had, here are a compilation of delicious pictures for your reference 🙂

Creamy Pumpkin Soup RM 13.90

Be Cafe 10

Atlantic Salmon Salad RM 19.90Be Cafe 11

Classic Eggs Benedict RM 20.90

Be Cafe 7

Wild Mushroom Rosti RM 18.90Be Cafe 6

Club Sandwich RM 15.90

Be Cafe 5

Oh look! #thisishowwedoitBe Cafe 9Apparently I am more on the “casual” side when it comes to food review, so instead of focusing on the food, I find it more fun to capture this cute picture of my lovely friends…

Hot Chocolate RM 9.90

Be Cafe 8

Baby Chino RM 7.90
Be Cafe 12

 Carrot Cake RM 9.90Be Cafe 4

Triple Royale Cake RM 9.90

Be Cafe 3

Granola RM 12.90Be Cafe 2

Vanilla Affogato RM 9.90Be Cafe 1

If there’s one thing that accentuates the good food, it is the great company!

Be Cafe Ma Cherie(Photo Credits: More Than Words)

They say friends are the family that we choose for ourselves. Having a group of friends that believe in your dreams and work towards the same goal has made this whole journey so much easier and meaningful to me.

Therefore, my goal for this year… is to GO OUT MORE!


My body condition requires me to rest more nowadays. Therefore I would have more regular updates on my Facebook Page and Instagram instead. Please remember to check it out okay!?

Thank you so much for reading!

Have a great weekend!


Seafood Buffet At Harbour Cafe @Traders Hotel Puteri Harbour

26 Mar

Hello Everyone!! How’s your week so far?

Ever since I was told about the Seafood Buffet at Harbour Cafe @Traders Hotel Puteri Harbour, I knew I must go and eat. Last Friday, we had an impromptu gathering while feasting on the scrumptious seafood buffet~!!

*Disclaimer: The following pictures are going to make you salivating and craving for seafood. The author shall not be held responsible for the drool on your keyboard.


As we walked in the cafe, it was this long and fresh salad bar lined up nicely on the ice cubes. There are plenty of seats, designed for a romantic duo or a large group of 20 pax (or more). A pretty nice place to consider if you would like to have a celebration to simply to charm someone special…



Plenty of choices for the vegetable lovers. From various lettuce to tomatoes and a wide selection of salad dressing, to this special wooden cheese board with an assortment of cheese~! The chef has put in a lot of thoughtfulness in taking care of every details…


Of course we did not stop at the salad bar, because we are about to meet my favourite…


Oh My~ Look at that~! A fresh sashimi bar with salmon, squid, prawn, octopus, unagi, scallop, tuna, mackerel… Some Japanese restaurants don’t even have this much variety… And the best part is…



Meaning you can have as much as you want!

(Without worrying on emptying your pockets…)

SB11The arrangement of the food is really beautiful~ In traditional Japanese cuisine, visual presentation plays a vital part of the dining experience as the taste of the food itself, so beauty is always an essential ingredient in any Japanese meal. The Japanese firmly believe that you eat with your eyes first. And that is why, Harbour Cafe has prepared beautiful plates and delicate saucers for the sushi and sashimi we take.


And there are several tiers of maki (variety of sushi rolls wrapped in nori seaweed)~

Next to it, is a tray of cold soba and fried shishamo (fish with eggs) and fried soft shell crabs…


Until here, the sushi and sashimi already worth the price. But let me tell you, it is not even half of the seafood buffet~!



It really made me feel like I was standing in front of the seafood stall in the wet market (minus the fishy smell and wet floor). I was totally blown away by the wonderful presentation and fresh seafood selection.


Presentation is truly an art form and great attention is paid to everything.


There are scallops, mussels, prawns, fishes, crabs, crayfish…


So, right now you might be wondering… what’s with the fresh seafood?

How do I eat them?

Here, you just select the seafood that you want, and how you want it to be cooked, our friendly chefs will cook it according to your likings!!


It is not just another all-you-can-eat buffet. It provides fresh and live cooking!! (Handsome chefs are bonus~)


There are all types of sauces and whether you want it to be grilled or pan fried… The happy chefs can cook it right in front of you!


And AHA~ Our chilli crab~


It tasted so good~

And wanna know the one most important secret to make a seafood taste heavenly?



I know… It looks like part of the decoration. But it’s REAL!


4 types of soups to choose from depends on individual palate. And the best one?

Lotus and Peanuts Soup


Chef Alan was showing us around and talking about all the stories behind this fantastic feast.


At this warm little corner, we saw a tray full of roasted goodness.


Roasted vegetable, roasted rib-eye and baked potatoes…


Although it’s a seafood buffet, Harbour Cafe has so lovingly prepared a noodle station that serves a variety of noodles with clear soup or curry laksa soup!!  You know… Chinese always has a stomach for noodles! (I know my daddy would appreciate that.)


And Dim Sum!

Steaming hot dumplings, baos and glutinous chicken rice wrapped in a lotus leaves… Isn’t it divine?

Talking about divine…

*Trumpets Horning*



Probably the biggest dessert station island I have ever seen in a buffet. If you are a dessert lover, I suggest you start eating from the dessert section to prevent yourself from regretting not able to finish sampling all desserts…


As you can see from the pictures… There were fruit tarts, mini creme brulee, macarons, assorted cakes, chocolate mousse, jellies, tiramisu… etc… And of course, an ice cream station with more than 10 flavours and multiple condiments! (But I was too busy eating and forgot to take pictures of it~)

The highlight of the dessert island is definitely this DUO chocolate fondue.

SB3How about a sweet marshmellow dipped into the smooth rich chocolate?

There were of course more things which I couldn’t finish cover in this post and I wish I can tell you how awesome this buffet is… but you just have to come and see & taste it for yourself!

At the end of the buffet, we were so honoured to have a chit-chatting session with Chef Neow Kok Meng, the talented hands behind the perfectly prepared seafood menu~ He shared with us about way to cook a perfect multi-layered pancake and how to properly poach an egg… When we asked more questions, he started telling us stories of his life in a kitchen, serving super VVIPs at midnight, and amazing experiences when he cooked for one thousand guests in Dubai… From the way he speaks about his profession, I can see the passion and dreams in his eyes… How charming and encouraging to all of us, the dreams chasers 🙂


We all had an amazing night, every part of the meal is so beautifully created that nothing is accidental as every choice is made with the intention of enhancing the dining experience.



Bad news is, today is only Wednesday! You have to wait for another 2 days~

So make sure you call +607 560 8888 to make reservation to avoid disappointment!!

Or you can also visit Traders Hotel Puteri Harbour facebook page for more information.

SEafood BuffetSB


Thank you so much for reading. I hope you enjoy this review.

If you like this article, please share it with your friends 🙂

Till next time…

XOXO Eryn ❤

image19 (1)

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Toast Box @ Taman Johor Jaya


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Lemon Tree Restaurant @ Taman Melodies

17 Feb

Hi Everyone! How’s your weekend?

photo (18)

I had a splendid weekend preparing for an upcoming passion project  which I will share more in my next post *wink*

Before Chinese New Year, I was invited by Kim to a dinner at Lemon Tree Restaurant located at Taman Melodies.

LT2And despite it’s humble look, this restaurant serves delicious food with a cozy ambient.

IMG_5763cMixed Fruit Salad @RM5.50 This combination of fruits is very different from other fruit salads that I have tasted before. It has got orange, cherry tomato, cucumber, green apple, watermelon and carrot! And together with its special salad dressing, this salad is definitely full of surprise.

IMG_5754cHomemade Cream Of Mushroom @RM5.50 It’s always good to start a meal with a bowl of warm soup. Blended with 5 types of fresh mushrooms with a dash of cream and sprinkled with crispy croutons and spring onion… Simply devine.

IMG_5755cTuna Bruchetta Cheese Bread @RM6.80 This is a tricky dish. You have to open your mouth wide and bite the cherry tomato, cucumber, baked cheese, tuna spread and bruchetta bread TOGETHER, to experience the flavourful taste and texture of this beautifully presented appetizer.

IMG_5757cTropical Hawaiian Pizza @RM17.80

IMG_5759cIsland Seafood Pizza @RM19.80 American-style pizza with thicker crust and tasty Mozzarella cheese. Crispy and chewy at the same time 🙂

IMG_5770cSpaghetti Seafood Alio-Olio @RM 12.80 When this dish being served, the intense garlic aroma flows across the table. An improvised version with lots of seafood and giant prawns~


Rib Eye Steak @RM49.00 Flown in from New Zealand, medium rare. It was rested a while after grilled to retain the juiciness.


Very flavourful with a perfect thickness.


Tiramisu When everyone is busy taking pictures, I just couldn’t wait to dig into it. Mascarpone cheese and Kahlua-soaked lady fingers. Elegant and delicious as always.


Crème Brûlée I am a big fan of Crème Brûlée. To me, there are 2 vital points about it:

1) Well torched, crispy flavourful sugar crust

2) Smooth creamy custard cream with REAL vanilla bean

I was actually supposed to share this dessert with others, but I was too indulged in the Crème brûlée heaven, and I think I ate more than half of it 😀

*sorry girls*


Dark Chocolate Lava Cake Honestly, I don’t quite enjoy bitterness. I love sweet and milky stuff. Therefore, when this chocolat noir was presented, I don’t see it as fanciful as the others. Therefore, I just scooped a little bit of it and eat with the vanilla ice cream. And that was the moment it strucked me. It’s the COMBINATION! In order not to make it taste too sweet and lost the aroma of cocoa, the brilliant chef used dark chocolate to make the cake and pair it with vanilla ice cream. So it is sort of like a mixture of bitter vs sweet and hot vs cold. I might sound exaggerated, but It’s mind-blowing! 


After the dinner, we got the chance to listen to the stories of Lemon Tree restaurant from the founder himself. The man behind all these delicious dishes – Mr. Jeffery Bong, is a really humble and creative guy. From presentation to the taste of each course, I can see the true passion of this bubbly chef through his way of preparing and cooking. Now, with the assistance of his equally talented brother, Lemon Tree is branching out to provide catering service, custom-made menu delivered to your doorway and a newly renovated private function room to host a party for 20-30 guests.      

So, if you are planning for a private party, this might be the right place for you.

Lemon Tree Restaurant
18, Jalan Bedara,
Taman Melodies, Johor Bahru.
Tel : +607-335 5688
Business hour : 12pm – 11pm (Close on Monday)
Click HERE to connect to them on Facebook!

Thank you so much for reading and wishing you a delicious week ahead!!

XOXO Eryn ❤


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Toast Box @ Taman Johor Jaya


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