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It’s Okay To Be Emo

14 Apr

Emo5aAt some point of our lives, we hide emotions, we bury them, we don’t face up to them…


 Just for a moment, we long for absolute quietness and nothing else.



It’s okay…Emo6aIt’s okay to be emo!


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How To Make Your Wife Beautiful?

15 Jan

Eryn Lacey Dress 2

Very often Kelvin would come home and tell me something like this: You know, my friends ask me what’s your profession, they say you look like celebrity, very beautiful 🙂

Looking at the happy smile on his face, I couldn’t help but think:

Am I “that” beautiful? 

Eryn Compliments

In fact, I honestly don’t think I am!

I have a very ordinary looking face, living a very ordinary life and a very ordinary skincare regimen. The only thing is different about me, I think, is a very special man that gives loving compliments to me everyday.

Compliments boost a person’s confidence to a whole new level. And if you’ve been getting positive comments on a daily basis, you tends to believe it’s true! And just when you believe it’s true, IT’S TRUE!! And when you are filled with confident, you are beautiful! That explains why normal-looking celebrities become more attractive and beautiful as time goes by! It’s the law of attraction, as simple as that!

Of course, it involves a lot of love too. Just like flowers, you have to give them water and fertilizer for them to turn into beautiful bloom. For women, love is the water and compliments are fertilizer!

So guys, the next time when your gf/wife asks you how do they look that day, please tell them they are the loveliest girl you’ve ever seen. Especially when they are feeling insecure about themselves (such as during pregnancy/when they wear make up/ when they don’t wear make up/when they are sick/ when they wear something they don’t normally wear…etc), please tell them they look gorgeous and you love them no matter how they look! Let me give you an example here:

Scenario 1

Girl: I’m so fat! <—I am pretty sure you get this all the times~

Boyfriend 1: I have told you not to wear this dress, your legs look like elephant’s!

(This definitely not going to help her at all! In fact, it will turn her legs into elephant-like legs and she probably will not wear dress anymore!)

Scenario 2

Girl: I’m so fat!

Boyfriend 2: I can’t see anything, I’m blinded by your beauty.

(Although she might know he’s lying, but she has got assurance that the man likes her as she is! And she will become better in carrying herself~)

Eryn Lacey Dress

The answer to making your wife beautiful is not about sponsoring her liposculpture sessions or sending her to aesthetic clinic for some face-works. It’s all about COMPLIMENTS.

Yes, I repeat, COMPLIMENTS!

So, if you are a girl wanting to look more beautiful, please train your boyfriend/husband to compliment you everyday no matter how you look like. And if you are a guy who wants to have a beautiful wife, please shower her with the most beautiful words you can ever think of! (If you don’t have anything good to say, just shut up and smile~)

“It is a great mistake for men to give up paying compliments, for when they give up saying what is charming, they give up thinking what is charming.” – Oscar Wilde

Eryn White Lacey DressA

So here’s to Kelvin: If anyone compliment on your beautiful wife, it’s all because of you 🙂

Wishing everyone of you a beautiful week ahead!


Eryn Work HK

We All Have Work To Do.


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What Every Wife Ought to Know About Cooking

What Every Wife Ought to Know About Cooking

Orange Net?

31 Aug

Ready to catch some big fish?

This is what I found when I shopped in my own wardrobe 🙂 

Haven’t wear it in ages! Maybe you too, have a piece like this waiting to be discovered. Kekeke… Off to gossip session tea time with girl friends!!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!!

XOXO~ Eryn

OMG I Am Traumatized!

The Age of Abundance

Floral Prints For A Casual Day!

Floral Prints For A Casual Day!

22 Aug

Happy holiday everyone!!

Aren’t you just happy to have a long weekend while celebrating the Raya? Wishing all of you a wonderful holiday and many happy time with family and friends!!


Read about how green can transform a Sunday.

Walk down the memory lane.

What do you do with you precious piece?

Rotterdam [Just For Two]

13 Aug

Sometimes, even if it’s just the two of us, can make a perfect day…

Let’s imagine being in this beautiful quiet city Rotterdam, Holland.

Walk down the street to find this nice cafe by the river, with a name I can’t even pronounce. For coffee and a big brunch on this chilly day.

Guessing if “suiker” means sugar?

Kelvin having fun with the foam, “Hohoho… I’m Santa…”

Eat while watching boats back and forth through the canal.

Visit the tower where Jackie used to perform his stunt in “Who I Am?”

Scream at some random ads…

And walk on an almost empty street. Aimlessly.

Just to find the modern “tree house”!

We have seen it quite a few times on travel channel, but it’s such a surprise to find it here 🙂

Look for No. 70 and decided to go in for a look!

You have to custom made every piece of furniture, as normal one just won’t fit.

Imagine sleeping in a tree house… We all have that kinda dream when we were children, didn’t we?

Imagine having a studio to work on paintings, musics and books…

I still have that dream in me… 

Gazing out of the window…

And suddenly realized, “Kelvin, this house belongs to us… Big tall Dutch couldn’t fit in!”

“You’re right babe!”

It’s like a observation deck, where we can study people who walks by… from top.

It’s romantic to stay here, although it is not practical at all. Space is not fully utilized and action is limited. But it’ll be fun though, if we can just stay over for a week or two…

Look for a river side cafe to have a drink.

Talk about work, life, love and dreams.

Notice that there’s no fence between the river. (Maybe Dutch kids are truly discipline…)

Walk idly around… Breath and feel the land.

Make silly jokes…

And amazed by all the nice buildings that could not be found in my home land.

Take it slow.

And impress husband with my photography skill…

Play with ducks…

And gaze at the giant dildo?

Have some sweet stuff and indulge in the goodness…

Oh… what’s that??

Eryn was lifted!!

Walk back to the hotel. 

Quartier Du Port (also a name I can’t pronouce). A boutique hotel with brilliant design. 

It has a glass rooftop to direct the sunlight in during the day. It has a similar one in the bathroom too. So it was so bright during the day!

Go for a night walk

Remember I was talking about there’s no fence between the river? And on that particular night, we saw a rescue operation by the police to save a drunk man from the river. I think he just accidentally walk into it. I remember him having a blanket on him, sitting on the police rescue boat and wave at us, shouting “Harlo~” 🙂 Dutch is friendly indeed…

“That’s why I loved being with you. We could do the simplest things, like toss starfish into the ocean and share a burger and talk and even then I knew that I was fortunate. Because you were the first guy who wasn’t constantly trying to impress me. You accepted who you were, but more than that, you accepted me for me. And nothing else mattered– not my family or your family or anyone else in the world. It was just us.”  – Nicholas Sparks

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