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[Travel] Kyoto Couple Kimono Experience

3 May

One of the best things we experienced in Kyoto:

Couple Kimono Rental

It was just fun, especially when we got to play dressed up together!

Upon arrival, we were greeted by the friendly stylist and her assistant who speak a little bit of English. They so patiently showed me the delicate designs that they carry and opened the cover one by one for me to choose the one that I like. Contrary to my usual self (who likes loud and fanciful designs), this time I opted for a plain design with small prints of colourful flowers on it. It makes me look more like a “wife” figure I thought.

Then I got to choose the belt, cord and an inner scarf before the dressing up process began. It does involve professional skill to put on as it has so many layers and knots. I was so happy when I am all dressed up, and just when I was admiring myself in the Kimono in front of the mirror, I remembered the first question that popped up on my mind was: So… How do I go toilet in this?

It came with matching tote bags (for both of us) and a complete hair styling session with accessories. Japanese are so into details and they always make sure customers are genuinely happy with them.

Kelvin chose a dark purple kimono to match my outfit. And I recalled he was joking with me, doubting whether he can last whole day and function properly in that attire. In fact he did! We walked almost 10000 steps in our kimonos and geta (slippers)!!

We explored the Arashiyama area, walked around Togetsukyo Bridge and visited the infamous bamboo groves.

The Best Thing?

We’ve got a photographer with us!!

This was also the first time we worked with a Japanese photographer. He followed us so patiently and took pictures of us without giving cues. So we felt really carefree and natural. The pictures I showed here are just few from the 500 pictures he took for us (YES, IT’S THAT MANY!)

Special thanks to Ume Sakura kimono rental for dressing us up in these beautiful couple kimono set! Unlike most kimono rentals who offer fancy and colourful designs to tourists, Ume Sakura provides traditional real Kyoto style kimono rental service. So if you are interested to dress up in authentic Kyoto style kimono next time when you are in town, you know where to go 🙂

Visit their website HERE or connect with them via Facebook for updates.

I hope you enjoy this post entry as much as I enjoy writing it. It was an amazing experience that I would definitely recommend for you and your partner next time when you are in Kyoto.




粉嫩水蜜桃彩妆教学 [Juicy Peach Skin]

22 May

哇!好久没有po彩妆教学了!今天要和大家分享的是[Juicy Peach Skin] 粉嫩水蜜桃彩妆!看起来自然又不会太负担的简易化妆哦!

炎热的夏天里,空气中散发着恋爱的浪漫氛围。Juicy Peach Skin水蜜桃彩妆,妆容色调以淡淡的粉红色为主,没有过度强烈的色彩,却能在瞬间掳获众人的目光。



1. 妆前的保湿工作是不容忽视的重点

2. 拥有细致珠光质感的底妆
Make Up Base 妆底是水蜜桃肌的重点。选择含有细致珠光的妆底液或CC Cream使肌肤透亮感瞬间提升!想要拥有更好的提亮效果,可在画完妆之后使用珠光蜜粉创造无瑕透亮的完美肤质。

3. 颊彩混搭使用液状与粉状粉系腮红

4. 唇彩以淡粉红为主


Step 1. 使用粉底刷来刷擦拭粉底,让妆底更加服帖。


Step 2. 在苹果肌的位置涂擦上液状腮红霜,然后利用指腹轻轻拍打,与肌肤更加融合。


Step 3. 刷拭上珠光蜜粉


Step 4. 在刚刚涂上液状颊彩的位置叠擦上粉状的腮红。如果想要画出可爱一点的妆容可以画圆的方式刷拭,若想创造略带成熟感可以画上斜长型。


Step 5. 使用提亮蜜粉进行修容的动作。重点提亮苹果肌上方、眉毛上方、鼻梁及下巴,进一部提升粉嫩感。步骤可以参考这里


Step 6. 蜜桃唇的重点是,唇部轮廓不要太明显以及唇形丰润。因此在唇彩完成后使用唇笔在上下唇峰的位置涂上闪亮唇蜜,不知可以模糊轮廓也可以让唇部变得更立体。



Be Envied Contest [Estée Lauder]

Be Envied Contest [Estée Lauder]

Casual Makeup [Maybelline BB Mousse & The Jewels Colour Sensational]

Casual Makeup [Maybelline BB Mousse & The Jewels Colour Sensational]

3CE Magic Touch Face Maker ♥ SkinCandy

3CE Magic Touch Face Maker ♥ SkinCandy

ERYN’s [KIMONO]夏の浴衣写真

7 Sep

To me, a kimono epitomizes inner beauty of elegant Japanese women. It wraps your whole body and does not reveal your body curve, but you’ll be surprised how it can magically tells people about what a woman you are. Now, I finally own a kimono of my own 🙂 I am so grateful that life has been kind to me and for all the wonderful events that make me who I am today. I wish that as time goes by, I will be able cultivate elegance, confidence, kindness, grace and inner beauty, just as a timeless piece of beautiful kimono.

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