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Happy Birthday Eryn!

21 Sep

It’s my birthday!
Purple princess dress

September is always my favourite month of the year, cos’ it’s my birthday month! Yoo Hoo! And I cannot believe I am in my thirties now *OMG* However, I truly feel like I am at the prime of my life at the moment.

Here are 15 reasons of why turning 31 is all fabulous!

  1. I finally stop trying to “find myself” and realize I am right HERE.
  2. As a married woman with 2 kids, I feel settled and happier than ever.
  3. I truly appreciate the value of good friendship.
  4. I feel more confident.
  5. I have traveled enough to know that the world is so big and I need to travel more.
  6. I can afford to buy beautiful things.
  7. I am finally good in controlling my own emotion. Well, most of the time.
  8. I can cook (more than instant noodles).
  9. I feel capable of being a good mother.
  10. I have learnt to say NO and express myself better.
  11. I can curl and manage my hair so much better now.
  12. I know exactly what to wear.
  13. Did somebody just said sexual peak?
  14. I made peace with all the stupid things that I have done and bad decisions I have made in the past.
  15. I have got a whole new decade ahead. And this time, I am prepared.

Oh well, tonight I celebrated a wonderful start of a new chapter of life with all the beautiful and important person in my life.

millionmars birthday 2015 5

millionmars birthday 2015

birthday cake with bear

Husband got me a beautiful birthday cake.

millionmars birthday 2015 3

millionmars birthday 2015 4

millionmars birthday 2015 7

millionmars birthday 2015 2

millionmars birthday 2015 8

I am so grateful that life has been good to me in every possible way. I’ve been the most fortunate people I’ve ever heard of.

Thank you very much for all the love and support that you have given me.

I am forever grateful.

millionmars birthday 2015 9

*What? My birthday wish? I wish I could continue blogging, even though my life commitment and limited free time doesn’t really allow me to do so. But I truly wish that I can keep this sharing platform as a self expression and creative outlet. Please show your love and support by liking my FACEBOOK PAGE or SHARE MY POST or COMMENT at the column below. Thank you!



Catching A Train To Paris [Let’s Run Away]

28 Aug

When she met this man,

she knew it in her heart that she wanted to run away with him…
thalys train girl blue coat

It was a cold breezy morning, when I put on my blue jacket, I still couldn’t believe that we were doing this together. We were catching a train to Paris.

Yes, just the two of us.

I remembered I was so sleepy and could hardly open my eyes to take a proper picture, the sky was still dark when we went on board. Everything is just so dreamy…

couple in train

millionmars paris 7

And when the first sun ray shined through the window, I opened my sleepy eyes and saw a cup of hot coffee and a chocolate bun he has ordered for me.

How comforting.

millionmars paris 9

millionmars paris 13

millionmars paris 14

Being with him, sorts of make me feel like we are not getting any older when we have each other.

millionmars paris 12

The train moved in a very fast speed.

The cabin was pretty empty that day.

millionmars paris 8

It was drizzling out there.

However the skies were beautiful.

It was really quiet though.

He was holding my hand, telling me about the itinerary.

The world was so quiet, and my heart beats fast in great excitement.

I feel like we are running away.

(In a romantic sense of course… hehe…)
millionmars paris 6

millionmars paris 5

millionmars paris 4

Then it’s time for some good breakfast.

millionmars paris 11

You better feed yourself well before the adventure begins. He said.

millionmars paris 2

And he attempted to learn some French.

Uttering broken sentence that sounded really perculiar.

millionmars paris 10


millionmars paris 3

And here we were.


millionmars paris 15

You know, I love the life we live.

Sometimes, you and me just need to get away.

To take some time to reunite.

Some time to fall in love again.

Some time to feel the warmth of the sun.

millionmars 17

I wish I could live in this moment forever.

It doesn’t really matter where we are going.

My love, let’s run away with me.


[Pregnancy Portrait Part IV] Love Is Patient

1 Apr

Hi Everyone!

Millionmars Piano 8

Through pregnancy, I have learned to be patient. I finally realize that all good things need time and patience to grow and prosper. If there’s one thing LOVE has taught us, it would be patient.

Without patient, there will be no love.

Millionmars Piano 1

Millionmars Piano 2

Millionmars Piano 3

Millionmars Piano 4

Millionmars Piano 5

Therefore no matter how hard it is, we endure and we wait. For God has His perfect timing for everything.

Millionmars Piano 6

In 2 weeks time, we will be meeting the little one for the first time. We are truly nervous yet excited. Hope it will be a good and smooth experience for both baby and I.

Millionmars Piano 7Thank you so much for reading and I am really grateful for all the support you have shown us through this journey. Love you all!


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