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[Fashion] Weekends Style X Summer Maxi Dress

21 Mar

I do have a thing for summer maxi dress.

Made of cotton, this dress flows like a dream when I immerse myself in the humid tropical breeze.

While we cannot be possibly go on a major vacation every week, we certainly can go on a minor one. A mini vacation begins with switching off your mobile devices and relax in your chair.

When I take my mini vacations, I picture myself lying on the chair beside the infinity pool, overlooking the horizon. I visualize the warmth of the sun and the humid tropical breeze. In the background, I hear the sound of water and imagine the taste of a glass of cooling sweet fruit punch.

After only a few minutes of this mental escape, I feel rejuvenated, and ready for the rest of the day ahead.

Our minds are extremely potent devices. The subconcious mind cannot really tell the difference between an image that we envision and one that is real. So by taking a virtual mini vacation, we fool our mind into thinking we are taking this quick break from our daily routines and invokes many of the wonderful physical benefits of a real vacation.

Thank you so much for reading and I hope you enjoy this post as much as I enjoy crafting it 🙂


My Favourite Japan Beauty Product [Saborino Morning Mask]

6 Mar


Good morning!

This morning I am sharing about a unique product I have found:



What is Saborino morning mask?

It is a product specially designed to be used in the morning. This product has 3 major functions:




Provide a perfect base for makeup

Sounds too good? Hehe… initially I really doubt anyone will use facial mask in the morning, SERIOUSLY, WHO GOT TIME? However, when I started using it for a week, I realized that it actually saves me some time!



  1. Open up the flip cap and take out one sheet.
  2. Stretch the mask gently to fit to the face. If I didn’t stretch a bit, the holes for the eyes are a little bit too close to each other. So with a little stretching, it can fit the face perfectly.
  3. Smooth it out.
  4. Then I will start getting dress and style my hair, which takes about 10 minutes.
  5. Time to remove the mask.
  6. Gently wipe it around the face and neck to “cleanse” it.
  7. Start applying make up.

By doing like this, I have cut down the time for cleansing and skipped my skin care routine 🙂


The key ingredients in the mask includes, apple fruit acid, peppermint extract, cucumber extract, tea tree leaf oil, grapefruit leaf oil, collagen, orange oil, avocado extract and honey. Therefore it is really minty, cooling and refreshing when I use it first thing in the morning.


Things I like about it?

  1. It certainly does SAVE time.
  2. It “plumps” up the skin and tightening.
  3. The makeup stays better throughout the day.


I really enjoy this innovative product and hope you will find it useful too.


If you are into Japan beauty products, you can read more here:

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Thank you so much for reading!


God bless you.


Practice Tough Love

6 Feb

Hello Everyone! How are you?


I have just got back from my long Chinese New Year holiday feeling all rejuvenated and ready for all the goals and challenges lined ahead. Can’t believe we are in February of 2017 already! For the past one week, I really got the chance to unwind and did some serious thinking about my life. Been reading a lot of books lately and one of the book that I read is Life Lessons From The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari, written by Robin Sharma.

One chapter that really struck me is about “Practicing Tough Love”

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[Fashion]How to Pack Light And Still Look Stylish

4 Dec

Hello December!

Year end is always fun. For it’s filled with travel plans, parties, family dinners, friends gatherings and more… Now how do you pack it all and look fabulous without checking in too much luggages?


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2 Dec





1. 把工作分类


2. 不懂就要问


3. 对自己要有信心

很多人有好的点子,也想表达自己的看法,但是又担心被人笑话或太出风头而成为众矢之的,所以有想法也不敢表达、不敢尝试。时间一久,自己都忘记原本想做的事。引用一句戴晨志老师的话“不要让不好意思成为你人生的绊脚石,凡是让你觉得不好意思的事都要马上去做,否则时间会把你的勇气完全消磨掉。”记住,YOLO (You Only Live Once)!


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