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The Shocking Truth About Fashion Bloggers

30 May

Being a fashion blogger is not as glamorous as people think.

Being a fashion blogger for the past 6 years, I think I am seasoned enough to finally write about what it is all about to be a fashion blogger. Some of you might disagree or surprised to read what I am going to write, but, it is based on my true experience.


Most of the items and clothing that we wear in the blog are actually not from sponsors. We bought it with our hard earned money and share it with you because we like it so much. Fashion dealers and fashion brands are way too cautious with their money and clothes, and they just will not sponsor you clothes unless you are willing to do it for free! (Sometimes they don’t even want to sponsor you even if you offer to do it for free.) Some will offer fashion bloggers sponsorship with discount vouchers! Asking for a fashion sponsorship and you are very likely to get NO REPLY because they don’t even bother to reply you at all! So if you are dreaming of becoming a fashion blogger so that you will get a lot of free clothes, just forget it!


Most of the time, when we are trying to take photographs for a new fashion blog entry, we have to dress all up and pose awkwardly in the middle of a busy street or do funny poses. There will be onlookers walking pass and giving us the funny looks. Sometimes, in order to capture the perfect moment, we have to pose for a long time until we heard the sound of the shutter or when the photographer is satisfied with the shoot. On average, 8 pictures will be chosen out of 80 pictures. Although it might seem effortless, but trust me, a fashion blogger needs to endure all the funny looks from the passerby and bear the title of “poser” and “wannabes” to produce the best pictures.


No fashion blogger can be successful without quality pictures. And (unfortunately) most of us cannot afford a professional photographer. So we turn to our husbands or boyfriends or girlfriends for help to take our seemingly effortless #ootd (outfit of the day) pictures, because they are probably the only one who are willing to do it for FREE! And because not everyone is well-trained in taking good fashion pictures, we tends to train and demand our Instagram Husbands/Boyfriends/Girlfriends to take those “instagram-worthy” pictures. Which, very often ended up in frustration and arguments…


Many of the fashion bloggers that I know (including myself) choose to become a fashion blogger because we are genuinely in love with fashion, arts and self expression. Although in reality, we do not have our breakfast in bed next to a latest copy of L’Officiel or Vogue magazine, we do love to style and experiment with different outfits and get in touch with the latest fashion trend. It is just something that turns us ON.


When you own a fashion blog, you are the editor, stylist, makeup artist, PR manager, marketing director, customer service and content creator. Fashion bloggers are the among the most creative people I have known. They need to know everything about making a fashion blog successful, from the right photography composition to the superb social skills, to domains, designs and SEOs… the list just go on and on…

Even though being a fashion blogger is not as glam and chic as people might think and it could be quite tiring sometimes, but it has been a wonderful experience for me. I am so grateful that in this new era, technology has allowed ordinary woman like me to share my love for fashion and artistic expression to the world. I have heard a lot of comments by people about how easy it is to create a fashion blog and taking pictures of yourself, but in reality, a lot of works go behind the scene and we fashion bloggers have made it look so “easy” and effortless to you.

If you are a fashion blogger or plan to start a fashion blog, I want you to know that you are not alone. Fashion blogging is not an easy journey, but if you persist, it will be a beautiful experience for you. I do enjoy dressing up and taking fashion photographs. My blog serves as an creative outlet for me to escape my everyday life. And it make me extra happy when readers tell me that they actually enjoy what I have crafted and I really feel satisfied when my work is able to inspire people.

It is always my dream to blog about fashion.

And I am glad that I am doing it.


These pictures were taken at a train station in Kobe. The weather was so fine and I had so much fun posing for these pictures.

And in case you are wondering why all my luggages are black.

Because it matches with any outfits. Haha…

Thank you so much for reading and wishing you a great week ahead!

God bless you.


May Fashion Coordinates

1 Jun

Hi Everyone!


millionmars 2015

6 weeks after the delivery, I am so happy to be back to my normal life routine! *Excited* There is no word to describe how happy and grateful I am to have TWO babies in my life now and I am feeling all so excited to embrace a new kind of life full of fun, joy and challenges!! (I might sound a bit over-enthusiastic… Don’t judge me, I think it’s the coffee…)

So here are a few fashion coordinates in May for your enjoyment 🙂 Majority in BLACK because I am still fat and swollen back to work now *ahem*. And you might be wondering, what is with the socks and hose, that is to keep my legs warm after the confinement.

Coordinate 1

Dressing up for Mother’s Day celebration dinner. I took out all my pre-pregnancy clothes and was devastated when I can’t fit into any of them *feeling kinda crappy*. Have to throw on whatever I have in the wardrobe that fits.

millionmars coordinate 1

Coordinate 2

Put on my neon pink lip color to match the neon pink bag. IMG_3117

Coordinate 3

My boring black party outfit… Pair it with bunny ears in order not to “bored” my dates.

millionmars coordinate 3

Coordinate 4

Long blazer is great cover up for bulging tummy. Off to a Saturday meeting.

millionmars coordinate 4

Coordinate 5

Curl my hair and put on red ribbon. I think I kinda look cute…

photo (32)

millionmars Coordinate 5

Coordinate 6

Some banana color and black short skirt on Annabelle’s full moon party. About 200 guests showed up and received lots of compliments for this outfit.

millionmars coordinate 6

Coordinate 7

Put on my favourite working attire. Met with BFF after work for a nice dinner with splendid seaview and ice cream 😛fashion coordinate 7

Coordinate 8

Over-sized cardigan and comfy flats. Retail therapy with husband and 2 babies, and spent a good amount of time with the Ma Cherie girls at Dream Cafe.

photo 3 (9)

Coordinate 9

Finally, some legs shown. Peplum skirts are good buddy with little tummy 🙂

millionmars coordinate 9

So yupe… That’s basically what I have been wearing nowadays.

Thank you so much for reading and wishing you a nice week ahead!!


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