Romantic Pink [Thigh High Slit Dress X Overflowing Hair]

5 Feb

Happy Friday Everyone!

Millionmars Romantic Pink 11

For those who are celebrating Chinese New Year (CNY), today marks the last day of work/school before the long holiday starts (YAY!) *Throw Confetti*

Today I am sharing with you one of my recent obsession – Slit Dress. This daring slit dress in pink is a combination of sweet and sexy. The flared collar makes waist appears smaller and can easily “hide” flabby arms… Hehe…

Millionmars Romantic Pink 2a

Millionmars Romantic Pink 8

Millionmars Romantic Pink 2

Millionmars Romantic Pink 3

Millionmars Romantic Pink 4

Millionmars Romantic Pink 6

Millionmars Romantic Pink 5

If you like this look, you can shop @outfitodayeah HERE. I am very pleased with the price, product quality and service provided.

Millionmars Romantic Pink 7

Millionmars Romantic Pink 9

Millionmars Romantic Pink

Everyone is commenting on my hair recently. They know it looks beautiful but cannot really tell what I have done to my hair :) Do you also notice that my hair is longer and more voluminous?

I am wearing a high quality hair extension that blends perfectly with my hair.

It certainly does make me feel more confident and beautiful. Millionmars Romantic Pink 12

Millionmars Romantic Pink 13

Millionmars Romantic Pink 1

The one I am wearing here is the royal natural black (HERE), 16 inches. You can shop at Irresistible Me for a variety of different hair colours and length.

Millionmars Romantic Pink 10

Thank you very much for reading and I hope you enjoy these pictures as much as we enjoy making it. Please pardon the creases on the dress, I did iron my dress! for I just had a 4-hour flight :)

Wishing all of you a happy and prosperous Chinese New Year!

God bless you.


P.S.: I am working very hard nowadays to keep this blog alive, in a hope that I can continue to be inspired and to inspire people around. If you think I am doing a good job here, I really hope that you can share my blog with your friends and family by clicking any of the sharing buttons below. I will be really really grateful. Thank you very much.


Review: EVA Air Hello Kitty Royal Laurel Class Taipei To Singapore

1 Feb


eva air hello kitty

I still couldn’t believe my eyes when I hold the boarding pass to board the cutest jet ever:

EVA Air Hello Kitty Jet: Royal Laurel Class 

eva air hello kitty airplane

At first glance, you can tell this is not a normal flight. Instead of the Eva Airways usual white, green and orange color scheme, this plane has a big Hello Kitty, Kiki&Lala and Melody painted on it.


As soon as I boarded the plane, I was greeted by the flight attendant with pink Hello Kitty apron.

kiki lala pillow eva air

And when I walked to my seat, I was welcomed by the pillow with the cute pillow case!

eva air hello kitty royal laurel class

eva air welcome screen

Even the inflight entertainment welcome screen has Hello Kitty on it.

eva air hello kitty royal laurel class

I slowly settled myself and explored the features and services at the comfort at my seat.

On my right is the inflight entertainment system control and reading light.

inflight entertainment control

Near my arm rest is the seat control. Guess what, I am able to make a flat bed out of it!

eva air seat control

Headsets for the Royal Laurel Class.

eva air headsets

Space for foot rest.

eva air foot rest

Some space for my bags and blanket.

eva air magazine rack

Shortly after I sat down, I was being served the welcome drink, with a choice of champagne and juice. I decided to go for pineapple juice cos’ I can have the champagne later with my meal.

eva air pineapple juice

More Sanrio characters on the wall.

eva air sanrio characters

Comfortable cushion belt.

eva air cushion belt

The is one of the interesting feature I found. A pop-up arm rest.

eva air arm rest

eva air arm rest

So if you need more space to move around, you can keep it down. And when you are sleeping and don’t want to fall off the seat, you can press the button and have the arm rest up.


eva air sky gourmet menu

A menu with Hello Kitty on it!






An impression selection of wines and beverages.


The lavatory seems to be the highlight of the Hello Kitty service too.

eva air lavatory

Hello Kitty exclusive set of foaming hand wash, facial mist, cologne and body moisturiser.

hello kitty paper cup

Hello paper cup.

hello kitty toilet roll

To my great surprise, Hello Kitty toilet paper!


Shortly after the plane took off, when I was busy browsing through the movies selection offered by the inflight entertainment system, the friendly air stewardess served me a small portion of assorted crackers snacks.

assorted Snacks

And a glass of San Pellegrino  sparkling mineral water.

sparkling san pellegrino

The Hello Kitty coaster is just too cute!

hello kitty coaster


My meal table can be pulled out from the compartment above my arm rest.

eva air hello kitty royal laurel class

What really impressed me is the beautiful table cloth.


For starter, I have Marinated Shrimp, Smoked Trout and Eggplant Stuffed with Minced Chicken Tomato. Paired with a glass of Champagne Collet Rose.


The napkin sleeve with Hello Kitty on it.image

A close up for you, in case you missed that Hello Kitty! image


Some garlic bread~image

For main course, I ordered the Stewed Beef Bourguignon with Mixed Vegetables and Potato Gratin.image

Great details, a star shape carrot.image Some fruits after the meal :)image

Dessert: Raspberry Flavoured Chocolate Terrine with Fig Compote.image

Green Tea

The Hello Kitty Jet experience is really one of a kind. The cute-ness in all the details really make all passengers feels like a 8 year old again.


I reached Singapore in the afternoon, feeling rejuvenated and happy. The crew once again thanked all the passangers for flying EVA Air on behalf of Hello Kitty.

I certainly had a great time with Kitty and her lovely friends :)

And it is only natural to bring back the only souvenir I bought in Taipei:


Hope you enjoy the article! If you would like to find out more about Hello Kitty Jet, you can visit Eva Airways HERE.

eva air hello kitty airplane

Wishing you a lovely week ahead!

God bless you.


Fig Tree Hill [Flowing Floral Prints X Skinny Jeans]

28 Jan

Happy Thursday!Millionmars Fig Tree Hill 1

During our trip to fig tree hill, I paired my favourite floral blouse with skinny jeans to create a cute casual look. Nowadays I will try to find matching colours/prints for Isabelle whenever we go out together (like THIS). It is quite fun to play dress up together with daughter, it is such a blessing! I am also happy that my recent endeavour to switch my daily style to a more “casual” one has received quite a number of compliments *Yay* So, I conclude that it is possible to not look like an auntie look good while taking care for the children at the same time. Hehe…  

Millionmars Fig Tree Hill 2

Millionmars Fig Tree Hill 3

Millionmars Fig Tree Hill 4

Millionmars Fig Tree Hill 5It was drizzling while we took a slow stroll in the woods. And Isabelle has discovered her new love towards umbrella. Nowadays, she often likes to do things on her own, like feeding herself and put on her own clothes. And here, she wanted to hold the umbrella and walk on her own.

Millionmars Fig Tree Hill 7

Millionmars Fig Tree Hill 6

Millionmars Fig Tree Hill 11

Millionmars Fig Tree Hill 9

Millionmars Fig Tree Hill 8a

It is indeed a pleasant stay at the fig tree hill and we spent a good amount of time unwind and get closer to each other. Chinese New Year holiday is around the corner. And we have another adventure right in front of us (this time we are bringing Annabelle along!).

I am very excited and really need a lot of tips and advises on bringing baby and toddler on holiday. Please share with me, what you normally do when you bring your kids on holiday? And what are the things to take note of?

Millionmars Fig Tree Hill 10

Thank you very much for reading and wishing you a happy weekend!

God bless you.



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