How To Make Blogging Work For You?

22 Sep

As I am typing this post, I am on my way to a family retreat. The babies are sleeping at the back and I got to free up my hands to share a little bit about my life recently.


Blogging is fun. To me it serves as a creative outlet for me to share my life and perspective towards life. And today I would like to talk about how blogging work for me.

Blogging is like writing a diary, documenting things and experience that might be useful to the readers. Many times, it can be difficult because when you are literally recording and documenting EVERYTHING in your life, you hardly have time to ENJOY it!!

For example, if you are going to share about the food in a restaurant that you eat, you need to take multiple pictures of the food, finding the perfect angles and lighting, some bloggers even need to wait till all the food is served to take a nice “flat-lay”. And by doing all these works, you will tend to annoy those who eats with you, e.g. your friends and family. And worse, the food might probably turn cold when you done taking pictures… The same goes to when you are visiting a new place, watching a run way show or travelling… To others, it is just absurd. It doesn’t make sense at all.


The answer is simple.

Know what you want, plan ahead and enjoy!


Before you start the work, think about what are the things you want to document. For example, if you are writing about the food at a particular restaurant, then you just concentrate about the restaurant and food, and nothing else! Before you place your order, take pictures of the restaurant first, then when the food comes, take all the pictures and Instastories as much as you want. And after that, put your phone and camera away and focus on eating and socialising with your company. Spend some quality time to really enjoy the food and talking to real people face to face. This, is what I call, switching MODES.


It is so important that we got to spend time to ENJOY and live the moment rather than focusing on WORKING on the moment! Ya right, creating the perfect Instagram feed and informative blog is very important, but living the LIFE is more important than that!

A lot of bloggers give up blogging because blogging can be tedious and mentally taxing. If you don’t truly enjoy it (your life or whatever topic you blog is about) you will soon burn out and give up!

So that is how I do and how I have continue to write this blog for 7 years now 🙂


In this post, I am wearing a green dress, matching with a pair of ankle boots that is making a popular return this season. I tied my hair into a low pony tail to create a mature and confident look.





We were getting ready for a dinner and it was drizzling outside. The umbrella thus becomes a great props! 🙂


Hope you enjoy this post and don’t forget to share with me how blogging works for you!

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[Beijing Bound] 6 Little Known Ways To Increase Efficiency

5 Sep

Hi everyone!

How are you after the long weekend holiday? It is raining heavily outside as I am typing this blog post. My flight is delayed due to the bad weather. It is a bit chilly in the airport as usual. I am glad that I finally have some time to write about a very important skill we all got to have in this modern era:



As a mother of two young children, entrepreneur, fashion blogger, wife and now a MBA student, I need to really utilize my time wisely to produce the best possible results. And through years of practicing and improvising, I finally come to a list of 6 ways that I use to maximize the efficiency. image


Make a list of the things you want to do everyday, every week, every month in your organizer. List the most important thing on top and go according to your plan as you start your day. No matter how big or trivial the task, it must be completed before you end the day. In this case, you will set a clear completion timeline for yourself and you will be amazed by how efficient it is by just following a to-do list!


Most of the time, we become unproductive due to too many distractions. Such as snacking, have small talks with colleagues while fetching coffee, check on Facebook, Instagram and replying messages on Whatsapp or LINE or Wechat… Focus on what you do, and allocate an undisrupted 20 minutes to complete one particular task. Do not check your phone every now and then. If you find yourself too addicted to checking your mobile phone for new messages and social media platforms updates, turn all of the notifications OFF. When you are able to focus on what you do, you will be able to perform better and complete the task faster!



Research has shown that it is more efficient to do one thing at a time. Which means, instead of starting to do 10 things together and finish them together, it is better to do the 10 things one by one according to its urgency and priority. This way, you will be more concentrate in making the best judgement and able to complete the task quicker.


After studying over 500 millionaires including Andrew Carnegie, Henry Ford, and Charles Schwab, journalist and author Napoleon Hill found that they shared a single quality: Decisiveness.

Having the ability to make decision fast will save you lots of time and lessen the KIV files in your tray. Train yourself to be a better decision maker by listening well and keep your mind and eyes open for new opportunities and possibilities. Dare to take risk and don’t be afraid to make mistake.



There are often gaps of time in between meetings, while traveling in a car, queuing in a bank, wait for your food to come, or now as I wait for my delayed plane… Instead of staying idle, utilize these “small” time to do something productive, like replying emails, read newspapers, prepare reports etc… Fully utilize the “bigger” gaps to meet friends, pick up the laundry, or bring the children for ice cream. At the end of the day, only those who utilize their time wisely got to enjoy the life to its fullest.


My philosophy is simple, when it’s time to eat, eat; when it’s time to sleep, sleep. Skipping meals and being sleep deprived because of busy-ness is absurd. Only when your body and mind is recharged, you will be able to perform better and stay sharp. Some light exercise like jogging and swimming would help too! Taking good care of your body and stay healthy will make you more efficient in whatever you do. And also, when you eat well and rest well, you are less likely to be sick. Thus, greater life efficiency!


As I finished typing this blog, it’s almost my boarding time! I am so glad that even in the midst of my packed schedule and family commitment, I am still able to check in this blog and share with you about my life, fashion coordination and thoughts. Thank you so much for always showing me support and leave me encouraging comments.

These pictures were taken in Beijing international airport during a work trip. I was wearing a black cotton bodycon dress  which is perfect for long haul flight for it’s comfortable and I do not have to worry about the crease 🙂 Pair it with a neck scarf and a frame glasses. My kind of airport fashion… Lol…

Hope you find this post useful and thank you so much for reading!

Till next time.



[Travel] Tsukiji Fish Market: Red Blouse X Navy Blue Skirt

20 Aug

Here I am… popping one of my favourite photoshoots we took in Japan.

Even though I did not have much time lately to connect with you here, I really missed sharing with you my feeling, projects and journeys and since I have collected so many memories I think it is great to show you these beautiful moments. 
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Can You Really Trust Your Age? [Unlock The Secret of Feeling Expired]

10 Aug

Today’s outfit idea is to attempt to look young(er).


Off-shoulder blouse and denim skirt.

The trendy coordinates younger teenage girls would wear.

I pair it with the Rosaria Riggens bucket bag from Mizzue in brandy wine colour and a pair of white sneakers just like those Korean street fashion shoes.

I did not style my hair at all, I just simply tie a knot and put on some really light makeup.

This, is how I imagine a younger version of me would look like.  

When I was younger, say in my 20s, my dream is to be a freelance writer, travelling the globe with my guitar and my jobless and artistically talented boyfriend. We will sail the seas and live a nomadic life together. We would write songs and stargazing at some distant lighthouse in Pladda, a small remote island off the west coast of Scotland…

That were the dreams that I had those days.

As I grow older and become a mother, there are more and more “restrictions” or so-called social stereotype. There comes the “age-appropriate” attire, makeup, hairstyle, lifestyle etc… I have to put family and my kids first, then myself as last in the priority list. I become more self-conscious. I started to “confine” myself to wear more decent clothing, learn how to cook “proper” meal, feed my children first, travel less and try to “achieve” those things that are expected of a woman in her 30s, such as having an investment property and a good career…

Sometime in the sleepless nights, I would still think of those distant dreams I once had.

And most of the time, I felt like I have expired.

My dreams have expired.

Somehow, I do feel a bit uncomfortable to accept the fact that I am getting older.

I keep telling myself, “Those days are over.”

Life circumstances have changed and shaped me so much. I felt a mixture of feeling, upset because of losing youth but feeling blessed at the same time because of the happiness marriage and children have brought me.

I shared my thought with a friend, and she sent me a message like this:

There are different beauties at different stages of a woman’s life. You mellow like the red wine or tea rich in taste and emit a fragrance of maturity, wisdom, depth, and confidence. Over time and experience, you find your own identity and position, develop your character and personality. With your hard work and learning, you are reaping a good harvest of what you sow in all areas of your life. Like a diamond being grinded in all angles, you shine with different radiance with time.

I feel so deeply empowered.

God makes all things beautiful in His time.

I should not feel constrained or less desired, I should not think that my dreams have expired.

Because I am still passionate about life, about pursuing goals and believe in dreams.

In my heart, I am still that girl who wants to dive in the Caribbean Sea, join a beauty pageant contest, backpack to Greece and have a date with Kelvin at Harajuku, dressing up like a Lolita *LOL*

I seldom put on casual looks, but this outfits coordinates has made Kelvin very impressed.

This bag from Mizzue is very comfortable to wear and matches the casual outfit very well. 

It also has a small pouch inside to keep cards, coins or keys.

The off-shoulder blouse in white goes well with the light denim skirt.

I sort of feel young and free again.

(Sorry to spam you with so many pictures of myself. We were having beautiful sunset and breezes from the Johor straits. It was all wonderful and we couldn’t help but took more pictures.)



Age is just a number.

Do you feel the same too?

Share with me.




【大上海点心茶楼】非一般饮茶文化 D’Shanghai Permas Jaya Johor Bahru

3 Aug




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